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  1. Just sticking it out there again for ideas...
  2. Hi all ever since I have had my raddo it has been missing a knob on the drivers seat under the left arm if your sitting in it. They are leather electric Recaros. I bought a golf 'back rest adjuster' knob a while back but it didnt fit! any ideas as it is bugging the hell out of me!!! Thanks in advance I know you lot are brillant.
  3. Well you will have a chance to tell them what a hand pump they are...
  4. Glad to see this thread is working to fill in that longing of "I wonder what happend to it" for people ;)
  5. For those that didn't know have a look at howmanyleft.com they are a dying breed :'(
  6. Apologie acepted, no hard feelings. And I hope it turns in to something good also. Despite my hesitation my contact with a previous owner did and hey I can't be the only one who will have a good experience. And for those that are willing to take the plunge if it turns out there is bad news, well at least the can go about getting any issues corrected properly if they had not been in the past. These are old cars now and if the odd one has had an accident but been repaired correctly thats not the worst thing in the world, at least it would still be on the road to grace us with its presence...
  7. I never said it was... lol and I am over the comments, just thouth it would be prudent to voice the concern. Besides this thread was not meant to be about 6'4"men, girlfriends, or penis, LOL let's keep the posts roughly limeted to finding old owners or cars...
  8. Regardless of whether its about an ex or a car the fact that he singled a 'black man' out in a negative fassion ("why would I want to know" like the worst thing is that he black) is racisim! As for "I think it's a nod to "once you go black ... "." I don't see the connection personaly. In short I feel the comments were flipant and lacked intelect, granted the originator may not be racist, but that which he stated (as some one who understands the law very well and that which breaches The Equality Act 2010) was.
  9. Fair play, that ought to get the ball rolling...
  10. Firstly - If you read it carefully it is a suggestion that those that want to place their 'adds' to find owners in one place and is a suggestion upon how to go about it, it is for fun. Secondly - If you use a little loaf and less mouth you will realise that this is not mandatory for you to take part in - If you do not want to for whatever reason then don't. Thirdly - It is at best a 17 year old car, I think anyone with enough brains to be able to drive one will know the risks of looking for a previous owner (info wise). Fourthly - "why would I want to know she was with a 6"4 black man?" What’s wrong with a black man having owned it, from this flippant comment I gleam an air of racism that I as a mixed race man (my dad is black but not 6'4" or 193 cm (you seem confused)) am disgusted by! Finally - Remember the old adage, 'If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all'
  11. Im just impressed that ive found fellow corrado owners that arent up north and are actualy close to home (Ware herts) we should all set up a meet!
  12. Hi all, after recently having to in touch with an old owner of my raddo (which has been for both of us cool, fun and has revealed parts of her past the recipts could not and photos are being exchanged (uber raddo geek that I am)) I thought it would be cool to set an exchange page. So how do you get in touch. Those wanting to find the current owner. Put in the reg colour and moddel of raddo you wish to find and wait for a pm. Those wanting to find old owners, this one will be harder. The options are, post your whole reg (most don't like the idea of this) Or Post the last or first part of your reg and the colour moddel etc. Or post the colour moddel and the previous owners first name, years owned and location owned (might be in your paper work) the previous owner may be a bit funny about the whole name going on the post. Please note this will only work if people take part, its unlikely anyone is going to knock on your door and say thats my old car lol. And think of how much you can increase the known history of your car, ill certinaly be sticking the old photos and info in my folder! In genral use your witts ay, good luck and enjoy!
  13. I'd also like a black one could you pm me the details....
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