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  1. Shame you're not closer I've got a set of late G60 wheels with winter tyres fitted (I haven't got the car anymore).
  2. Hi, does anyone know if the G60 and 1.8 16V brakes are the same? (calipers, caliper carrier,s discs and pads) Thanks.
  3. Mine was (well is its not been picked up) a late G60.
  4. and one less G60 if my insurance company get their way :(
  5. Or if you know anyone with a halfords trade card you can get one of their own branded calcium batteries with a 5 year warrantee for about £60 (if you have a payslip/work ID with anything engineering related on it you can get one).
  6. If they do I'll eat my corrado (well, maybe just 1 bolt)
  7. That's where mine had rusted, new metal welded in now and the lip filled so water can't sit there.
  8. I think it would look even better without the pug 'family face' on it, there's one where I work and the spoiler is always up when it's parked.
  9. That sealey one in the 2nd link is the one I have, it's a good welder and it'll be good for what you want I'd have though.
  10. Its 3 phase not 4, and you don't need it, unless you have a massive industrial welder (like the AC/DC TIG where I work), gasless is no more expensive, you just use wire with a gas producing core.
  11. Thanks but I'm trying to keep it original.
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