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  1. Mine doesn't seem to have any particular times when it will and won't start! It seems very irregular - I haven't had any problems in the past couple of weeks. When it won't start, the engine just turns over and there doesn't seem to be any spark to get it started whatsoever; therefore it won't start by using the accelerator pedal. I've changed the distributor cap (which seems to be superglued on - had to use a chisel to get it off!!!), rotor arm and spark plugs but still having trouble. This is making me wonder if it's something more serious - I've had suggestions of the ignition switch but don't really know how to confirm that this is the problem. The fact that it will suddenly start with no problem makes me wonder if it's a problem with the immobiliser but again, do not know how to check that this is the problem... I'm running out of ideas fast. Usually it won't start for about 30 mins and then will suddenly spring back into life.. Abbie xx
  2. Does anyone know if there's something I can check to determine if this is the problem? I wouldn't want to go doing something this drastic to discover that wasn't the problem. If it was the ignition switch, should the ignition light not come on when the engine is turning over? Abbie xx 16V A11 ABY
  3. Hi I'm having a very similar problem with my 1995, 2.0L 16V Corrado. About once a week, it won't start! i struggle with until suddenly it will just spring into life like there was no problem whatsoever. I changed the distributor cap, rotor arm and spark plugs but the problem is still there. I have the factory fitted immobilser on the car and think that might be the problem.... Abbie xx
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