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  1. i have the bonnet but no wing sorry. the bonnet has two very minor dents on the o/s front corner other wise its good. £20 collection only
  2. sorry not yet but I will be going to the post office over the next couple of days so will let you know. ---------- Post added at 10:18 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:17 AM ---------- switches also sold
  3. Items that are now sold: Front bumper front indicators dash vents brake servo o/s wing wiper motor and mech
  4. looking at that pic I think your right! it has been a while since I took the parts off! ;-) I know they wont way much but its the size. I will check the weight and let you know tomorrow. I wont want a lot for them though as long as the postage isn't loads I would say around £6-£7 posted ---------- Post added at 8:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 8:26 PM ---------- looking at that pic I think your right! it has been a while since I took the parts off! ;-) I know they wont weigh much but its the size. I will check the weight and let you know tomorrow. I wont want a lot for them though as long as the postage isn't loads I would say around £6-£7 posted ---------- Post added at 8:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 8:27 PM ---------- £12 posted. if you would like it pm me your details and I will send you my paypal info ---------- Post added at 8:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 8:36 PM ---------- £12 posted, like above I you would like it pm me
  5. waiting on a reply back from vag on swtiches, £16 posted for the relays and runner covers. if vag doesn't come through on the switches £26 posted. cheers Si. ---------- Post added at 10:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:09 AM ---------- pm me your details and I will reply back with mine
  6. no worries, its the headlight, rear spoiler, fog and heated screen. £13 posted. pm me your details and I will reply back with mine. cheers Si. ---------- Post added at 8:00 AM ---------- Previous post was at 7:59 AM ---------- its the sponge from around the spare wheel. I don't have the seats any more sorry.
  7. I'll check the weight tomorrow and get back to you if that's ok for you?
  8. hi guys, I know its a while since I been on but I sadly no longer have my G60, so these parts are no longer needed. as per title got a load of rado parts from an early H'reg 1.8 16v, the car was a runner but I never ran it so mechanical parts un-tested, body parts in black and have scrathes but in good condidtion. some bits I haven't mentioned but if in the pics they are their, let me know if you want any. £10 £10 £15 - comes with barrel, key and both matching door locks £10 - all relays, £10 all swithces £5 seatbelt buckles, £5 bonnet struts, £5 handbrake lever, £5 servo £20 all rear lights, £5 each ind, £5 fog light - cant remember which side it is though, will find out £20 all seat belts, £10 each mirror, £5 boot struts £5 each stalk, various interior bits let me know if you want anything and can go from there ;) £5 gater, £5 interior light, more interior bits £5 both wiper arms, £5wiper motor and linkage £5 central locking pump £10 each hub - unsure about bearings, one has caliper, £5 alternator £10 wing would prefer collection rather than courier. parts located in preston. thanks Si.
  9. my mates after putting a vr6 engine into his mk3 golf gti. just wondering if anyone has a full set up for sale or a rough idea what would be looking to pay? cheers Si.
  10. properly in the same boat at the moment apart from mine is up for sale! if it doesnt sell soon its gonna get sorned and borke for parts but i really dont want to brake it as its another G60 gone forever and there are becoming less and less of them. 8v, 16v would have broke without any thought, whihc ive done before but to brake a VR or a G not sure it its the right thing to do! but on the other hand i need the money out it! oh what to do!
  11. G60 | pearl green mettalic | Darwen Price: £1900 Description: Time has come to sell my Corrado G60 which I’ve owned since February 2010, the owner before me had it for 10 years! Unfortunately i need a car which is more suited to my needs now having two children so i have bought an audi estate. The car is a H’reg 1991 with 215500 miles on the clock but comes full service history and an extensive file full of receipts and bills which are way way into the £1000’s. I know the mileage sounds high but on average it’s just over 10k a year which really isn’t that much. I also use this as my daily drive so i didn’t want to buy one with low miles when i was going to put miles on it myself. I have also put a mk3 golf tdi gearbox in it which has helped massively with the mpg, as i mainly do motorway mileage and cruise at around 60mph I can easily get 45-47mpg on the MFA but have had over 50mpg. I always let it warm up and cool down and never go over 3000rpm until up to temperature. I also have also changed the oil around ever 3-4k. unfortunatly I have had to sorn the car but money for tax will come with it. it is mot’d till 26/05/2013. also have mot's back to 1996 as well as old tax disc's The colour is pearl metallic green which is a rare colour and body work is in good condition but it has had a few car park wounds along its 21 year life span! The car also has full black leather interior which is in great condition with no holes in the drivers bolster, which is also solid. It also has the original first aid kit and warning triangle! All electrics fully work! Electric windows, electric heated mirrors, spoiler works as it should, as well as the passat moonroof which tilts and slides. Heater rheostat also works on all four speeds as this is a common fault for them not to work! The charger last got serviced at 175k so should be good for another 10k as these should be serviced around every 45k. But also has 3 other receipts for servicing which it has had and these alone come to over £2k. The car drives really well and i haven’t had any major issues with it and will be sad to see it go but the time has come for a change to something more practical. In the last few weeks it has been in to have a few jobs done to it, such as a brand new steering pump @ over £130 on its own, powder coated rocker cover and new gasket, oil and filer and sump gasket. Other recent work which i have had done is oem cambelt and oem tensioner, oem waterpump, new crank pulley and upgraded non stretch bolt, these were done about 8k ago. i got the new blue samco coolant hoses and I also bought new vw coolant flanges and fittings when fitting them. What its got: Engine: Powder coated rocker cover Powder coated radiator support panel Jabba sport induction kit with heat shield Jabba sport chip and smaller pulley Bbm RSR supercharger outlet Samco boost hoses Samco coolant hoses New coolant resivior Jetex stainless steel exhaust from cat back but has mild steel decat pipe Front upper polished strut brace Up-rated front engine mount Poly bushed front cross member Interior: Full black leather interior Momo steering wheel Momo gearknob Wolfsberg door locking pins Dynomat on roof, boot and floor pan Uprated front door speakers with tweeters Stealth shelf with 6x9 (not wired up though) Original first aid kit Original warning triangle Exterior: Team heko wind deflectors Passat moonroof Rieger de-badged front grille/eyebrow Clear side repeaters Bump strips removed De-badged back panel with the body lines smoothed out Colour coded boot plinth Half tinted grey rear lights Drivetrain: Golf tdi mk3 gearbox which suits the car way better than the original Poly bushed bottom arms Uprated front and rear anti roll bars with poly bushed supports Lowered on coilovers Prosche Design-90’s on 25mm adaptors, 7-j on the fronts with 195/45/16’s and 8-j rears with 215/40/16 Drilled and grooved front disc brakes Mk4 golf rear callipers It is 21 years old with a fair few miles so please don’t be expecting a brand new car, there are a few car park dings around the body work and the front bumper has some paint cracked/flaked on the n/s corner. To be fair the bumper could do with spraying. Having the 90mm splitter on the front it has suffered a little bit and is cracked on both sides. There is a small rust spot on the n/s front wing next to the head light around the size of a 5p-1p she has also had a full detail yesterday. I will be sad to see her go but like i say its time for a change! Im looking for £1900 no offers no swaps thanks If you are interested then please give me a call, 07872 474 447. Or PM me Im located in Darwen, which is kind of between Manchester and Preston test drivers please bring valid insurance certificate Cheers Simon. Edit: pictures added, anyone want any more let me know NEEDS THIS GONE SOON OR ITS GONNA GET BROKEN!
  12. Hello, can some one give me some help please. im trying to post and advert for my car but every time i go to submit the advert it goes to a failed page so the advert is not uploaded. i have done this from 2 different computers and it still wont let me do it. any ideas. cheers Si.
  13. nice one cheers dude! i'll get payment sorted out now. Si.
  14. righto, i'll have to have it then! stupid fookkin stone! paypal ok? have you got the drivers side parcel shelf support/speaker surround in black? if so would you through that in for me? cheers Si.
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