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  1. Seems to happen all the bloody time with me! Spent 6 hours cleaning my mums golf mk3 on sunday(its not had a wash for ages and i'd just repaired some front impact damage, so it was looking very sorry for itself!) i could quite easily spend ages cleaning my cars though, then the mrs gives me a nudge and tells me to hurry up! :lol:
  2. Just out of interest, is there no other way of checking,like codes on the little sticker on the rear valance, i'm just thinking back to the mk1 golf gti campaign, which, if you had a genuine campaign(apart from the vin number being different(pre campaigns were DW, The campaign model was EW) there where a series of different codes which showed specific options like pirelli alloys, leather steering wheel etc (can't for the life of me remember the codes!). The campaigns also had it sometimes marked on the v5 as 'special', although not always. On a differnet note,(helious) Blue is also the most sought after mk1 golf gti campaign colour, like the corrado storm, all the other colours had been previously used. Tom
  3. Hi mate yeah that would be great are you free anytime this week for me to have a nosy? where abouts of bury road just heard you can only get one type of carseat for a corrado so will look into buying one just need to find a corrado for sale thats not in london now haha
  4. Hi thanks for all your replies, we have a maxi cosi priory car seat alittle big but we could change the carseat to what ever fits its more the leg room for the little un that we need to know. if anyone is free this week that would be great to have a look as this is the only thing holding us back from selling our other car an getting a corrado... cheers tom p.s bolton isnt far from bury so would be easier :)
  5. Thats what i'm worried about, every review i read from when they where released says they have excellent rear leg room though so i really want to see for myself(its the only way i'm going to know wether its something to forget or go ahead with) I'm in Bury, North Manchester/south Lancashire. The mrs has family over w. Yorkshire so would be happy to go over that way if its convenient for you. Thanks. Tom :D
  6. I'm in the same boat, i don't own a rado yet, but the car(95 audi a4) i intend a rado to replace needs some work, its my own fault i've not really kept on top of it, but i'd rather be working on a vw(I'm restoring a mk1 golf gti, thats my excuse anyway) I'm in 2 minds, repair it(c.v joint needs doing, brakes judder(???), airbag light constantly on) or sell as is and take a hit. i know that i'd be lucky to get the price i want for it, despite the car owing a small fortune(which makes me think break it, although i really don't want to) the car is presently used every day and has mot til summer. I'm even(and i can't believe i'm typing this) considering selling my mk1 golf resto just so i can get a nice rado... Tom
  7. Hi, i'm looking to buy a corrado in the near future, and i could do with seeing if a childs seat will fit in the back with enough leg room. are there any members who would allow me to see if our car seat will fit( our i could measure how much space the seat needs, and someone measure the bck of a rado to give me an idea?) This is sadly the only issue stopping us from getting one(that and all the good'uns are miles away!) :( Thanks, Tom :D
  8. Ah, the leg room issue could be a major problem. does anyone in /near manchester/lancashire fancy meeting up(like i say I've never been in a corrado) so we can judge the rear leg room issue for ourselves? Annoyingly its 1 of the reasons we want to get rid of our current car, but then again our current car does'nt look any near as good as a corrado! The mrs says she would happily sit in the back and littl'un up front just a slong as we can get a rado! :D Thanks for all advice so far! Tom
  9. Hi all, Not really sure if this is the right place or not but anyway, I'm looking at getting a rado, just wondering if there any area's i need to check which go on rados. I'm a VW fan (owned vw's since i passed my test way back when, and i'm currently restoring a mk1 golf gti) however i've never owned, or even been in a rado, but always loved the look of them as has the mrs, and shes now given me the nod... :D Any advice would be very much appreciated here guys and gals. also does anyone regularly use a car seat in the back of theirs, we have a little girl(2 yrs) and are worried her car seat won't fit in the back of a rado! Cheers, Tom :)
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