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  1. list of everything remaining black A B and C pillers Black Center console Drivers door plastic windscreen 3 peice plastics spare wheel passenger side door glass rear strut top covers black rear view mirror handbrake lever under dash pannels bonnet release lever central locking pump seatbelts black boot side carpets in very good condition steering wheel Black Carpet in good condition full 2.0 16v engine, loom, clocks, gearbox with ancilieries ( with KR cams and Engine history) £100 Sunroof outer shell in good condition if someone wants to all all of the above plus whatever other corrado bits i have for £200 you are more than welcome to come take them off my hands as they are just taking up space .....i am not bothered if you are just going to sell on for profit
  2. the whole assembly i just cut the lines and unbolted it off the car
  3. ive got one pump works (tested with 12v) yours for £30 delivered PM Me
  4. cut the shell up at the weekend and will be taking it to the scrap yard on saturday all parts removed from car will try and post a list of everything i have left at the weekend in the mean time get in touch with your part requests
  5. i have petrol flap and drives door no wings unfortunatlty send me a pm with bits you are after and i will let you know whats left i am cutting the shell up on saturday
  6. jack_t

    Parcel Shelf

    ive got a mint black one missing one strap in black i was looking for £30 + postage
  7. i will take pics of what i have left at the weekend anyone wanting hubs steering rack wishbones rear beam etc be quick as i am scrapping the shell next week
  8. hi i have all that except someone has cut the banjo off the end ( can easly get one put on at a hydralic line place for £10-15) £30 + postage
  9. taking offers on all items now get some bargins
  10. Bit of a long shot, but just wanted to find out if you still have any of these parts & what is the best you will do on them: Interior carpet got and in good condition Interior plastics got Roof lining, sunroof model got but revovered in faux suede looks good but centre needs re gluing Under dashboard trays got Dashboard got Rear speaker plastics got Rear Panel plastics got Booot lid plastic got Handbrake plastic Parcel Shelf got in mint condiditon Steering column plastics Gear lever tower and cables got but still attached to car Also where about are you? located middlesbrough north east can post
  11. they are still attached to the boot lid atm ill check tonight
  12. quite possibly have but id have to check when i get home from work
  13. Prices on front page updated if its not listed please ask as i want to get rid as soon as due to lack of space
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