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  1. It seems as it's my turn to have some problems with this, my car is a 93 VR6. It started of the same as most people's with the fans not working at all, so after reading this thread I found that the first place was to check the stage 1 temp sender. Firstly my wiring is different to what was laid out on pg 1 of this thread as all the wires are the same size and the colours are Red, Red/Black & Red/White. I got 12v on the Red wire and nothing on the other 2 pins and i'm guessing that the Red/Black wire is the earth. Please can someone confirm this? However i did try bridging between the Red & Red/Blk pins but got nothing. So it cant be the sensor at this moment so i looked at the motor and thought i would check the connections there. Somehow on this connector the Brown wire had practically burnt in two with just a little of the plastic shield holding it together. This is the big oblong connector that goes into the back of the fan motor, has anyone ever rewired one of these? I guess i need to pull all the terminals out strip all the wire's so they are the same length and redo them as opposed to trying to patch the brown wire back up. is there an easy way of removing the terminal's?
  2. I have just ordered the bolts for now but they were £1.98 each ex vat from my local VW parts centre.
  3. Are the snap nuts what the first screws I bought screw into?
  4. I see, I was trying to use these as the main fixings along the front! So I guess I need the rest of the items on the list in the first post.
  5. I purchased the Hex Head Panel Screws from VW but they seem to short as they wont even screw in with the splitter not attached. Are these the right ones? Panel Screws.JPG[/attachment:1tnwqk64]
  6. Thanks for that Nick, I just called GSF they quoted £102.81 inc VAT does that sound right?
  7. The Eyelet on the end of the master clutch cylinder has snapped off and so i need to replace it. I have got stuck trying to get the bugger out. I have removed two nuts from the footwell and then one in the engine bay and that is all i can see. I notive that the MC does sit just behind the brake servo but i can't see another nut there. Is there something else i'm missing or do i just need to pry it out? 2.8l 24v Climatronic system.pdfMC-Int.JPG[/attachment:20s9vcc1] MC-Ext.JPG[/attachment:20s9vcc1] Also from doing my research on the forum getting a replacement is going to be a problem with as people have tried Eurocar parts but they have been unable to get the right one. Has anyone managed to get a correct replacement from them? That being said a friend has said that he has one so that should be a big help but was just wondering if i could get hold of a new one at a fair price that would be smarter. Any advice would be most welcome and desperately needed!!
  8. Have you checked that you have power on the RED/WHITE wire which should be a constant 12v if you dont see 12v then it could be the fuse.
  9. I have just seen on a G60 fusebox diagram that it should be 10a, I'm guessing there shouldn't be any difference.
  10. SMEE - AHA that was it, well its blown at least. The fuse was rated at 20A is that correct as its the only fuse i dont have? Still my worry is why didn't the previous owner just replace the fuse opposed to bodging the wiring.
  11. Ok just popped out with the multimeter and my fears were confirmed, there is no power at the RED/WHITE wire but i do get 12v with the ignition on the BROWN/RED Wire. Am I supposed to trace this wire to the engine bay? Is this easy? SMEE - On the original HU I do lose all my stations when I turn off the engine.
  12. I do have one but haven't done that yet just wanted to make sure I had the colours right first.
  13. I went to change the head unit in my Rado and I had a nice surprise I found in the back of the ISO connector from the car there was only 2 wires connected!! The unit I am putting in a an old Sony CDX-M800. The only 2 wires conneted was the HU YELLOW constant +12v wire connected to a BROWN/RED wire and then HU BLACK -ve wire to a BROWN wire. The original HU only comes on with the ignition. I also noticed that on the HU ISO connector the Yellow constant and the Red Ignition wire are together. So from looking around I have come up with what I think the correct colours should be on the car I would just like confirmation of this; RED/WHITE - Constant +12v BROWN/RED - Ignition +12v BROWN - Ground -ve GREY/BLUE - Illumination (what is this for?) Does that seem correct?
  14. Can anyone tell me what is the rear wiper on the C in the header picture now? It looks like it is half chrome. In case you miss is it is the C is deep burgundy (I think) has Lexus style rear lamps, cant really make out any other details.
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