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  1. dickie

    DDI gauges

    I think I have a set
  2. Hi, what condition is the swg panel? If good I'll take it please.
  3. Sold a vr6 vsr intake manifold as never thought I'd have another vr6, couple of months later a vr6 corrado too good not to buy came up.
  4. A long shot I know but better condition the better, cash waiting
  5. There seems to be a few of us in Northampton and there's a regular vw meet on Sunday evenings at riverside retail park just starting back up.
  6. I'll take it please. Come and collect during next week?
  7. They were km/h unfortunately :-(
  8. Is that for full kit, thought it was just the lcd display
  9. Hi I'm looking for the faces produced by dub design industries in anyone has any they aren't using, new or 2nd hand. Thanks
  10. dickie

    Complete rear seat

    I a free a complete rear bench with hump, doesn't need to anything pretty as is going to be trimmed. Closer to Northampton the better. Thanks
  11. I loved my one, sound great and quick enough. I still think they look good too
  12. dickie

    Vr6 grill badge

    Hi, I'm after a grill badge for my vr6 if anyone has one to sell please.
  13. dickie

    Late/ Vr6 Slam panel

    I have a late blue front panel, came off of a 16v but think they're the same
  14. Colourkraft in Wellingborough, work is spot on and both love a corrado!
  15. Fifteen52 formula tr, they're 8x16 et30 but I've had to put 17mm of spacer to clear the front caliper which is too much for my liking
  16. Not anything to do with me but thought might be handy to some on here. He seems to have electric bases, foams, switches and fabric in other items for sale. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112049280906
  17. Hi, I've got an issue with the inside of my wheels clashing with the original vr6 calipers as they're quite bulky. Do the 288 & 312 caliper set ups have a neater less protrusive front design on the caliper that gives anymore clearance between the disc and rear of the wheel?
  18. hi fellow corrado owners of Northampton. There is a few of us in the area, we meet up with a few other local vws at the billing mill pub on Sunday late afternoons if any of you would be interested in coming along sometime? We had a good number of corrados last summer. Look us up on Facebook if you have it, Northants vag society.
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