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  1. Rolling arches means basically bending the lip inside the wheel arch up so it effectively becomes a flat peice of metal - ie: no lip to rub on tyres. Can allow the wheel/tyre to sit further up in the arch. Mine haven't been done, but still don't rub, probably because I have 195 tyres rather than 205 or 215. Cheers, Robbo
  2. I can only speak from personal experience, but my old VR had 17" TT rims with standard suspension & it felt crap. My current one has 17" TT Comps with stretched 195/40 tyres & good quality KW coilovers wound down quite low & is a totally different animal - rides really good, no crashing & banging & no rubbing (arches not rolled). Although having said that, I have some 9x16 Brocks to go on, but that's just an aesthetic choice really. HTH, Robbo
  3. I have a few odd leads & a coilpack kicking around too, if you don't get sorted. I'm in Dewsbury. Cheers, Robbo
  4. Robbo149

    pic request

    One of my favouritest wheels... nice! Cheers, Robbo
  5. Robbo149

    vr6 cam tool

    I just used a thick (2-3mm) steel ruler last time I did mine - you just need to make sure the 2 slots are precisely lined up. Cheers, Robbo
  6. Nice one, cheers! I'll give that a try when I get round to tackling that job.
  7. Sorry for sounding like a numpty, but what's IPA? The only IPA I know is India Pale Ale - but I am an old dude! :-) Cheers, Robbo
  8. I have one of those - works ok for engine ECU, but won't read ABS ECU for some reason. I have a really old serial cable one that I also use, which works a treat, but I have to plug it into a crappy old laptop to use it. Cheers, Robbo
  9. I have fitted it, but haven't done the full ECU reset yet - been sorting a couple of bits of bodywork. I have had the battery connected & had it running briefly & it definitely seems ok now. Bodywork's done now, so hopefully I'll get a bit of time at the weekend to get the C out on the road & test it properly. Cheers, Robbo
  10. I recently replaced the grotty open cone K&N on my VR & was originally looking for a BMC CDA, as I love the induction noise they give. But I ended up going for a RAMAIR carbon boxed system (virtually identical to the BMC) at half the price! I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with it - looks fantastic, picks up much smoother than with the with old cone & it's not much louder than a stock airbox. It was actually for a Golf VR6, so needed a bit of jiggery pokery to get everything to fit properly (particularly the cold air feed), but the kit came with loads of bits to fit it. If anyone's interested, I can post up some pics at the weekend? Cheers, Robbo
  11. Thinking of removing the window tints in my Corrado - the rear screen is a bit 'blurry' & the drivers & passenger windows have a couple of scratches from opening & closing. Is it just a case of peeling off, or is there a technique for removing tinting film? Main thing I'm worried about is wrecking the rear heating element. Any tips greatly appreciated! Cheers, Robbo
  12. PM me too when you have some more on the go! Cheers, Robbo
  13. WHS ^^^ Original ones look good with the silver backing surround done black. IIRC, someone was selling a pair on here recently. Cheers, Robbo
  14. Got a set of these to put on mine after the winter - after seeing your pic, I can't wait! Cheers, Robbo
  15. Replacement arrived today & this one has a slip of paper in which says to turn the ignition on & off 3 times after fitting (without starting the engine). I'm guessing this refers to throttle body resetting on DBW cars? & isn't applicable to the Corrado? Cheers, Robbo
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