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  1. Yes ABS certainly can be however there is hope, as your car was (I assume) registered prior to 2000, so long as you remove it completely you don't need it for the MOT. It's only if it's fitted it needs to be working. HTH's As for this meet I didn't check it out till now, keep me posted the old fashioned way Alex, and that is not a euphemism...
  2. Yes, it's a massive problem. You've buckled the chassis and it's beyond redemption due to your idiocy. Give me £100 and i'll trailer it away for you... Seriously though, you might get wind noise at speed. But as someone else has pointed out that there is adjustment in the hinge/ shims. I'll have nosey next time I'm in the 'hood if you like? However, I would be wee bit concerned if the door aperture has changed shape as that would suggest that you have buckled it. I doubt you have, but then again I have seen you drive...
  3. 9th of Oct, sounds interesting. Think the 750 club were looking for stewards for this too Alex. But don't quote me on that...
  4. This was my thought. Should be "Calling all Scot's", interesting though. Are tatty mk2's allowed? If I follow at a discreet distance?
  5. Aw dude, my laughter is of the sympathetic variety. When you get back I reckon I can get you sorted out with a set of new boots from Gregor. Shouldn't be too expensive to sort. That's if you don't spend all your money on Cider and exotic chutneys...
  6. A decent fabricator worth their salt would be able to knock that up out of sheet. Or if you were doing it yourself cardboard template. Trace onto steel. Cut out, bend to suit and tack in place, then seam weld into the body. Zinc primed. Job done. Time for a cup of tea and a biscuit. Possibly two biscuits if you've done an especially good job.
  7. Cable ties FTW!! At least until you can sort it with proper bolts. Mind you, 12yrs and I've never had a cable tie fail, can't say the same about bolts though...
  8. Cheers for the warm welcome guys. As for you AGF, get knotted...:) Here's some more for comedy value. One very sheared alt pulley. Stranded, merd. Out with the steel again. And we're back in the game... A before and after on a certain recently MOT'd black G60
  9. Shiny beer eh? My favourite. I was too knackered yesterday to sort out my indicators and fogs. Will be a job for the weekend I think.
  10. Seem to recall someone else was there too until 10pm, someone with awesome welding skillage fixing the bit you broke. Someone who nearly lost their front bumper in the line of duty.... and did loose their fog lamps.... Cough ****ing cough... Glad it passed though dude.
  11. That was epic. I am sending happy thoughts in your direction..... Beyond that I'm saying nothing;)
  12. But TFSi without the correct ECU is just a 2ltr. It's the electronics that make it special. Not researched Qpeng with regards this swap but I do know that their 1.8t loom leaves a bit to be desired as it doesn't run a knock sensor. Which you want in a boosted engine.
  13. Coatech in carnoustie get good reviews. They seem to be going like a fare all the time. Worth a phone.
  14. Think that's bad, should've seen my Golf...
  15. Yeah no worries, only five dolla ;) Gimme a phone after weork as I'm skint and have no minutes on my phone.
  16. whey, you have a new tensioner. Get in. Let me know if you need a hand. I'm supposed to be plastering the morn, but give me a shout if you need anything, back rub, moral support, etc. Oh and for the record I don't "prattle" about, I precision bodge on your behalf. I was going t o post up some pic's for you but you're on it already. I dunno if you had a "before" one though. As and aside http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bump-steer-kits-Golf-Mk1-2-3-Corrado-s-Vw-/170672850652?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item27bce506dc Cheeky fecker.
  17. So will you be requiring my spanner twirling ninja skills then mate? Nice one Jim, the show may go on and he was so dejected when he told me. Hopefully he's bit more cheerful now.
  18. Thanks for the welcome, that is nothing. there has been some pretty heavy duty fabrication work undertaken, but it keeps me out of the pub and another elderly VW on the road. And so much more, still learning as this is my first full on project, but getting better every time.
  19. I don't own a Corrado, but I am intimately acquainted with a certain black G60 on here. I've seen parts of that car no Corrado owner should have to see... On the other hand I've got a beater of a mk2 16v with a new engine waiting for it when I get the time. Don't worry though, it's not out of a Corrado they seem to be becoming a rarer sight on the road these days. Anyway, I've had all sorts of VW's, buut not a Corrado, yet. That may change in the fullness of time as I do quite the look of them. Pic of my sheddy looking mk2 from a few weeks ago, I think if I drive it around enough like this it will embarrass me into making the time to get it finished. At least painted... Regards NB
  20. Hope you get it sorted buddy, I've put the feelers out with a few folk. No joy as yet, trust you to a have a s/c'd one. ---------- Post added at 08:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:35 PM ---------- I also meant to post this, not sure if it's what you need but let me know if I'm heading in the right direction. http://www.vwspares.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=654 http://www.vwspares.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=626 Also I assume the tensioner etc is the same for the mk2 G60 2wd? Or were VW awkward and let Karmann do their own thing??
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