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  1. So i got the donnor cae. A 2006 3.2 touareg Bmx engine. Much nicer than the AFP i was considering initially. Will use an upgraded mk4 02J tranny and All stock harness and ecu from the touareg.
  2. Hello. First post in a while. So my vr6 abv engine died today . Im looking into options since it seems its a connecting rod. So im considering a full swap to a vr6 afp 12valve and transmission plus harness and ecu from a mk4 donnor. The ecu is already immobilizer-removed. Couldnt find a thread with info about pros and cons on this swap. Has anybody got info about viability and details? Im basically looking into throwing in engine, transmission and ecu in on my corrado. Appreciate any feedback. Cheer$$$$!!! 🍺🍻
  3. You have a faulty ABS pressure accumulator. Im having the same problem which is that the accumulator does not hold pressure so it needs to be charged by the pump motor more often. Basically it discharges completely whenever you hit the brake pedal and that's why the ABS light comes on. You will probably need to change that part which is a pain in the ass to find.
  4. Hey mate, there are some sites that sell the VF Engineering supercharger. Also there is a company I think its called RUF Supercharger that solds one just like the old Z-Engineering ones like the one I have on my C. They are very expensive though. Good luck!
  5. Hey mate, I just bought a couple of new ones from Volkswagen Classic parts, I think you can Google the site, its old stock originals. Not cheap though, but very cool stuff! Good luck!
  6. Yes you can run the alternator backwards. I have a Z-Engineering supercharger installed and my alternator runs backwards from OEM and have no problems. Since the belt is larger and has to take card of the charger, the set up between the pulleys is slightly changed (1 extra supercharger pulley added from OEM) Hope this helps!
  7. Hi guys, first time threat. Got my 1993 VR6 Corrado front windscreen cracked. I have not been lucky enough to find a Corrado replacement here where I live (Costa Rica) and was wondering if any of you know if windshields from any other models like Passats or Golfs from the same years will fit? Looking for any tips and suggestions since the crack is already 12 inches and growing from the drivers side. Cheers!
  8. Hey thank you very much for the offering! Just out of curiosity, the belt you would be able to get is it 7 ribs and which lenght? I found a site in Switzerland which have the belt, but for 175 USD including shipping, which is kind of high. They do have a belt 1686mm long with 7 ribs, which is the stock z-engineering belt as they say. They specialize in superchargers, so the guy was telling me that it measurement of the stock z-engineering belt. Now of course, if you have the possibility of getting the same belt for a lowe amount, it would be great! PS do you think we can do the payment with PayPal in case you can get the belt? Appreciated mate, its a big BIG favor! Cheers!
  9. Hello guys, I am after a z-engineering serpentine belt as well, do you have a website I could go to or get it for me and I can send you the money? perhaps PayPal or something like that. I have been searching for this and asking on numerous sites, but with no luck. I am even thinking about selling my blower kit if I cannot get it :( Any help, is appreciated Cheers Orlando
  10. Thank you anyways. I just took mine out and it measures 1720 mm! That belt does not exist. I read the 1300 something one, but I can just think about doing some change on the idler tensiones screw so that is can acommodate a shorter lenght belt. The original VR6 belt is around 1410 mm and the one closes to the one I need is 6 ribs 1698, but its only sold in a website in the UK at least that I could find. The bad thing is that they only ship whithin Europe, so I am waiting for an asnwer if they will ship to the US. Its funny how difficul it is to get the replacement serpentine belt for the VR6 with the z-engineering supercharger (which I really enjoy having). If you guys have any ideas, I am all ears! Cheers!
  11. Thank you, any help is indeed good. I am having trouble finding any belt other than the stock one. Cheers!
  12. Hello guys, got a simple question that maybe is already posted, but I need some help as I have been trying to find the answer. I have the z-engineering supercharger on my rado, but the serpentine belt needs changing. Anybody knows the lenght of the serpentine belt? This is longer than the stock on, I read somewhere its 175 cms long, or about 69 inches. Can anybody light me up on this? It is very much appreciated. Cheers! Orlando
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