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  1. Bump. The following is still for sale... - Drilled airbox with panel filter - £10 collected. £20 delivered - VR6 Cams - £20 collected. £30 delivered - VR6 exhaust manifold->downpipe, with heat shield, gaskets & down pipe - £30 collected. £40 delivered - VR6 lower inlet manifold - £10 collected. £15 delivered - VR6 dipstick - FREE collected. £2.50 delivered, or free with any other items
  2. Yes I would. PM'd Yes it is complete, it's in the photo of the lower inlet manifold. Will PM you details
  3. I'm trying to clear out my garage so I've got room to work in there again. Since I sold my Corrado nearly a year ago, I've got no need for this stuff anymore. I've got the following for sale. Collection is welcome on all items, delivery is also possible. I'm located in S11 area of Sheffield. Delivery would be via a 24-48 hour courier. CLICK ON THE PICTURES FOR BIGGER IMAGE - VR6 lower inlet manifold - £10 collected. £15 delivered Lower VR6 manifold. Good condition, could do with a bit of a scrub and clean though. Would be perfect for polishing. VR6 Cams - SOLD VR6 exhaust manifold->downpipe, with heat shield, gaskets & down pipe - SOLD Catalytic convertor - SOLD Drilled airbox with panel filter - SOLD
  4. Yes it is, can get it posted next working day after payment (or same day if paid before 12 noon) Nice ;)
  5. I no longer have the Corrado so don't need my Bentley manual anymore. It's in good condition, none of the pages are missing. There are currently two available on ebay, for £108 and £116 respectively. I'm after £50 collected, but will post for a further £5 P&P. Located in S11 7** area of Sheffield, but will be travelling down to the Portsmouth/Brighton area on Friday, and back up on Monday, so could personally deliver it for a few quid if you live not too far away from the M1 or near the south coast.
  6. Just standard genuine VW 2.9 VR6 cams as far as I'm aware. Never had them out the packaging or fitted them though, so as brand new.
  7. I'm clearing out my garage at the moment and come across a few things from when I had the Corrado. Have no use for them anymore so just looking to sell them as quickly and easily as possible as they're taking up space. Open to sensible and reasonable offers but don't take the pi55, I'd rather throw them in a skip than give them away. Any questions, ask away. Collection would be preferred, from S11 area of Sheffield. Delivery is possible though. If I don't respond to this thread within a few days, prompt me with a PM and I'll reply . All items came from a Corrado VR6 (2.9 OBD1). - Airbox (drilled) - £15 collected. £25 delivered. - Inlet manifold (lower part) - £10 collected. £20 delivered. - Exhaust manifold (including gaskets and heat shield) - £30 collected. £45 delivered. - Exhaust (manifold-to-cat) downpipe - £25 collected. £40 delivered. - Exhaust manifold and downpipe together - £50 collected, £65 delivered. - Calipers & carriers - £20 collected. £35 delivered. Can be cleaned & painted black/red/blue/silver for an extra £20. - Cams (brand new, with camshaft grease) - £40. £50 delivered. - SOLD - Inlet manifold (upper part) - £50 collected. £65 delivered. - SOLD Airbox Inlet manifold Exhaust manifold Downpipe Brake callipers
  8. You got any photos of the box, phone, receipts etc?
  9. A couple weeks ago I would have bought this off you... don't have the spare cash right now though, and probably won't until after xmas. GLWS
  10. I'm moving house and am not gonna have a lot of room for all this extra stuff, so I need it gone by the end of August. Some items will be collection only, from DN17 1**, some I can deliver. I'd prefer all of them to be collected though. 3-seater sofa & armchair set - £50 collected - 3-seater sofa with 4 scatter cushions - Matching armchair - Matching footchair Excellent condition, no damage or stains. Very comfy as well. 4-seater dining table & chairs - £45 collected. Delivery £20 within 50 miles. - 4 seater table that could, at a stretch, fit 6. - 4 matching wooden chairs. Very good condition, could perhaps do with being painted or varnished though. Table dismantles to 3 flat pieces, so could be kept in the attic as an emergency table for when you got everyone over for xmas dinner etc. 2 coffee tables - £10 collected for 1, £15 collected for both. Delivery £20 within 50 miles. - Dark brown wood effect - Approx 60x60cm, 50cm high Excellent condition, no damage or stains. Marcy Pro-Series bench press - £150 collected. Delivery £20 within 50 miles. - 5 levels of reclinement (decline, flat, slight incline, 45-degree incline, 60-degree incline) - Adjustable height bar - Two barbells with various weight plates - Preacher curl adapter & leg curl/extension adapter Excellent condition, almost as good as new. Dismantles for easy transportation. Cost me nearly £300 new. Reebok RBK Punchbag & wall bracket - £40 collected. Delivery £20 within 50 miles. - Heavy punchbag ideal for bare fist and kicking, as well as with boxing gloves. Excellent condition. Comes with wall bracket. Cost £100 new for punchbag and bracket. 2 x Ikea "BILLY" bookcases - £25 collected for 1, £40 collected for both. - Birch veneer - Adjustable shelves Excellent condition, no damage or stains. Cost £55 each new. Ikea "LASSE" desk & bookcase - £35 collected. Delivery £20 within 50 miles. - Birch veneer - Adjustable shelves Excellent condition, was new last month to replace my old desk. No damage or stains. Cost £45 new. Ikea "VERNER" leather chair - £40 collected. Delivery £20 within 50 miles. - Black leather - Height adjustable and tilts Excellent condition, brand new last month. No damage or stains. Cost £55 each new. If anyone wanted more than one thing, I'm sure we could work out a discount.
  11. I cannot see the heats of some of the events being anywhere near as popular as the F1. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I overheard someone saying the BBC will show every second of events at the olympics, either live or repeated, on tv/internet, but is that really worth it, surely they could have saved some money by not showing azerbajan v swaziland first heat in the greco-roman wrestling, and other similar examples?
  12. I, and I think most other people, appreciate that the BBC had to make massive cost cuts. But this year, race after race, there have been record-high viewing figures. Why not lose BBC 4, or Radio 6, or Radio 1 Xtra, or Radio 4 Extra, Radio 5 Live Sports Extra which I can't imagine many people listen to compared to the F1. Or how about stop showing SO MANY repeats of programmes I watch JUST LAST NIGHT on BBC 3/4. Cut some of Wimbledon, trim down the Olympics, take a FAIR SHARE of the popular stuff, rather than cutting out HALF of the F1 coverage. I think the BBC has made a colossal mistake, I just hope its not too late for people who actually have any weight to make some changes, FOTA perhaps forcing Bernie's hand
  13. I've got Sky Sports, but gotta say, I'm disappointed that the BBC won't be showing all the races. I think the massively high viewing figures lately are just as much to do with the presenters/BBC team as it is to do with the excitement of F1 in the last few years. It remains to be seen who Sky will have on their F1 team, but I just don't think it's gonna be the same. Jake, DC and Eddie make a great presenting team, and Martin Brundle is one of the best commentators in sport.
  14. Hi Tim, just to let you know the coolant expansion tank arrived whilst I was away. Fortunately someone was in to receive it. Many thanks, Ben
  15. In what way, jacking the car up and sticking an axle stand under the engine?
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