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  1. Hello, Been cleaning out the garage and found this in a drawer. I took it off my old G60 when it had some running issues. It turned out that there was nothing wrong with it and it had been wired in incorrectly. I had put another sensor on and sorted the wiring and never put this back on. It had only been recently fitted by the previous owner not long before I bought it. Its been in my garage for a while but its in good condition. The wires have been cut. There are 3 wires and have a length of approx. 2.5 inches so plenty to rewire easily. Genuine VW item. £45 including postage. T.
  2. Nice, Always wanted one of them myself. Still on my hit list. They were still a bit expensive last time I really thought about it. How did you pay for that beast then? I was always surprised at the lack of bhp considering its a 4l 8 cylinder engine. But, as we all know, its torque that counts at the end of the day. Lets us know how the fuel consumption comes along? T. P.S. just looking at the pictures, very nice. I would have to have the estate though. I like fast estates!!!
  3. Nice.................. Pics?
  4. Timo.

    MOT failure

    That what I said to him. That'll cost another MOT rather than a retest, which he has managed to get free because he knows the receptionist. Its just a joke now. They are taking the mick. I think he's replacing the rubber grommet.
  5. I tell you, all the technology in the world ( 4wd, 1000 bhp, probably more computing power than the space shuttle ) and he was caught out by standing water. Ha ha ha.................... Bet he's feeling cleaver now!! Hope he enjoy's his day at court too. Sometimes you just cant beat the laws of physics. T.
  6. Timo.

    MOT failure

    Yup, I know. I think the garage has mentioned 100 bucks to him. Sling yer F$%king hook springs to mind. Just been hunting on the web. Brake pipes are less than a tenner like you say. At this rate I'll be doing it myself. T.
  7. Timo.

    MOT failure

    Dont even own the bloomin thing anymore and its still causing problems. The new owner of my Corrado is having problems with a garage failing the Rado because the rumber grommet on one of the front brakes pipes is split. I'm talking about the same rubber grommet that holds brake pipe onto the strut so it doesn't flap about. Now I can see, quite clearly (read the thread about the brake line wearing out), why they have failed it the first time. The new owner has used zip ties or something to secure it, but they have failed it again. I think he has had a good argument with them about it too. Now as it stands we came to an arrangement that some of the money for my car was held back until it passed its Mot. It already has a valid MOT till the end of July, but the new owner (who is pretty much a friend of mine) wanted a full year. At the moment its looking like I'll be paying to fix it. Needless to say I'm not too chuffed at that. He is looking to replace the whole brake pipe which is just rediculous as it is a tiny bit of rubber that's letting the side down. Does anyone know if you can get the rubber grommet by itself?? The rubber grommet has split in half, I know because I noticed it quite a while back. I pushed the two ends back together and it was fine. I would assume some glue would do the trick but this garage sounds like it is taking the p$ss. Help me save my money! P.S. My car has the 312mm conversion. T.
  8. Timo.

    Dead RS6

    Go round a corner at 100 mph more than you should have the guy who was driving got out and rang the police too http://i6.tinypic.com/30csk6o.jpg http://i2.tinypic.com/300adxv.jpg http://i9.tinypic.com/4hvj9ch.jpg also on ebay! eBay: AUDI RS6 AVANT ABT (Artikel 320088449961 endet 09.03.07 21:15:00 MEZ) http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie ... 0088449961 Lucky, lucky sod T.
  9. Boo hoo Thats is gone. Followed it up the motorway for a few miles. Its looked the dogs dangles. Not very often you see someone driving your (not any more) Corrado. It was absolutely filthy too and it still looked and sounded amazing. Nevermind, got a s£$t load of cash sat on the table so happy days. T. P.S. off to rugby now
  10. I sit here at 6:57 am on a Saturday morning, unable to sleep due to todays impending car sale. Today at 10am, I will be waving good bye to my Flash red 'mint' Rado VR6. The car that can make a grown man weep even at the thought of selling it. I'm not afraid to admit it, but I am feeling quite emotional. That car and I have been through alot. Mainly mechanical failures, usually involving my bank balance taking a sharp drop. As we all know that's 'Corrado Ownership'. I must say, it has never physically broken down as I have always managed to get it home or be really lucky. I bought it on 2nd April 2003 and have loved every minute of ownership since that day, peaking when I took it to Europe last year, drove 2000 miles in 5 days and manage one lap of the 'ring'. Today I pass the keys on to another VW nut, who I actually bought my Yellow G60 of 2 years ago. I know it will be looked after properly and I have first refusal if and when he ever sells it. I am sure it will once again be mine. Manage to get a very good price, so I am chuffed. Using to the money to pay of car loans and debts in order to be financially stable to finally thinking about buying a house. Looking forward to the day when a Corrado comes back in my hands. Thanks to you all. As Vinnie would say, "Its been emotional" P.S. I wont stop using this forum. Have agrued vast knowledge of my VR6 over the years. I'm not as good as some people on here but I will be sticking around to help those that require it. Cheers chaps P.P.S. Off to the rugby today too. Scotland/Italy. I will be getting very very drunk later on. :) Timo.
  11. Pics to follow at some point.
  12. Cool Cheers chaps. Already done two full wheels, half way through the third and have started on the fourth. They are looking the dogs dangles and better than the gold that was on :) T.
  13. cheesewire, You're a star mate! I get on with that mission next time I'm off and have some spare time. Did you do it with the tyres on or off?? Thinking I might just mask them up and leave the tyre on. Cant be bothered to take them to get the tyres taken off etc.
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