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  1. Thanks for confirming. Hi, sorry don't get on here much, if you still want this send me a PM. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for various payments, busy day but all parts paid for are packaged and will be posted tomorrow. Also found the window scraper seal, think its drivers but don't want to open the packaging! - OEM VW brand new still packaged outer window door/ window scraper seal (part number 535 837 473 A 01C) £50
  3. Confirm its a 3 slat metal vent that get retro fitted as noted by others. Cheers for payments, I'll try and get first bits sent out tomorrow.
  4. Ok gents, can you send me your emails addresses please and I'll send pics on, apologies but my photobucket not working and I can't post photos on here anymore for some reason. The fuel reg is genuine dealer item unopened and never used. Not sure if the knock sensor is specific to obd versions , sorry! The seal was over £60 quid from memory, I'll look for forty plus postage... If I can find it..
  5. These are just getting in my way. £300. Giving them away.
  6. Cars now long gone but found following during garage clear out; - Genuine OEM fuel rail pressure regulator for vr6, still packaged £30 SOLD - New but out of package bonnet earth strap £5 SOLD - New and still packaged lower crank position sensor £20 SOLD - New blue temp sensor £5 SOLD - Transporter 3 slat vent plate, obviously never used and will need primed etc £20 - Vr6 badge, no lugs, fit for taping on only £5 SOLD - Coil, its for dizzy OBD1, had as spare, no reason to suspect not working but cheap £10 - Set of rear lights, all fine except nearside curved unit, its cracked. Spares and repairs £20. - Set of 312 discs, callipers and pads £50 - Bentley manual, well thumbed and honestly a little grubby £10 SOLD - OEM VW Brand new still packaged outer window door/ window scraper seal (part number 535 837 473 A 01C) £50 All of above is held in Belfast, can post at buyers cost. Photos to follow...
  7. 2016 bump & price dropped to £400.
  8. Have a chap interested, but yes still available. aide
  9. yep I'm ormiston way so very close, can't say I've seen the golf, but I'm a few doors down from a white mark II scala if you know that one.
  10. you've always had a soft spot for them Jim, sure you're not tempted???! I'm east Belfast Mike, upper newtownards, take it you don't live in Germany permanently! I'll work on rim photos, maybe a day or two, be easier emailed if you can PM an address.
  11. 16" Speedline five spoke Vento Cups, understated wheel, but very rare and suit the 5x100 OEM+ rado perfectly. These have a grey silver flek finish, won't be to everyone's tastes I'm sure. Not sure of the offset etc, but they fill corrado arches perfectly without spacers and will slip over 312's brakes. If there's any interest I'll load up better pics, as there is some minor kerbing. They've got some budget rubber on, on plus side its hardly worn. Some of the centre cap tabs are broken but they still fit securely, that's important because they're so unique spares aren't to be had, you could maybe scan and 3d print a set I guess. Only putting them out there as I don't have the car anymore, given rarity I'm half tempted to hold them... but they're better enjoyed in the daylight, so £300. I'm based in Northern Ireland, happy to pack and ship at buyers cost/ risk.
  12. aide

    Music thread...

    current spacey/ chillout obsession, cannot find a single you tube video link, just have to sound cloud link :geek:
  13. meant to add, the existing metal crimps can be carefully hack sawed through to split open, do carefully to avoid damage to plastic pipe obviously :)
  14. buy a crimping set, or take it to someone like pirtek who'll do it for you, i did the former when replacing mine.
  15. Nice video, had a red GTII and loved it for the 6 months I drove it, albeit it was a bit of a dog!! Fair points above, and surely new manufacturing methods like 3d printing are going to greatly help enthusiasts with parts problems.
  16. aide

    my wheels

    Do reduce resolution Jim, defo none over half a mb, think it might be because I've got over 100 pics on the same thread, time for clear out perhaps!
  17. aide

    my wheels

    Not sure what issue is with photos on this thread, may try hosting site in future. Guide is on jays original group buy thread, photos gone but explanation clear enough.
  18. aide

    my wheels

    Few pics of progress just for the record. Got new clutch fitted, slight judder but to be expected, old one looked hardly worn but was slipping badly. Changed clear to smoked side repeaters, oil and filter change done, and fitted one of Jays group buy poly mounts, old one was severely squashed and misshapen. Been attending to some dodgy paint on the drivers side, just a progress shot will update once painted and polished out. [ATTACH=CONFIG]81353[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]81354[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]81355[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]81356[/ATTACH]
  19. good to see you're back and in good form.
  20. After few years of inactivity decided to try and sort my car out, looking the following please; - proper 6mm spacers for 312 brake upgrade - long shot... both roof runners, not expecting mint, just ok condition would be fine, provided rubber seal not cracked - boot hinge cover, passenger side - handbrake tunnel cover, bit that fits onto the lever. Cheers
  21. half leather came out of rover vitesses amongst others, give away is the lumber support knob. Value wise i paid £45 for a pair, and then about £90 for a full fabric and partial leather re-trim, I sold them on for about £100. They looked pretty cool, but got fed up of swapping from the loft at MOT time (they were fronts from a 4 door so don't tip).
  22. love it, hope you gave it a 3 angle valve cut and a port and polish whilst it was apart!!
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