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  1. rabbit82

    G60 radiator

    Can you use a vr6 radiator as I'm struggling to find the g60 equivalent Cheers Jamie
  2. rabbit82

    G60 radiator

    Please aftermarket or standard in good condition Cheers Jamie
  3. well ive had the supercharger off and rebuilt also the gearbox has been out to replace a seal, but it is exactly the same as when I had the charger rebuilt no power at all really might aswell be in a 1 litre lol
  4. does it sound like cam timing or ignition timing to you guys, cause ive seen you can advance the ignition timing pretty easy but cam timing is a bit more tricky?
  5. no idea what the timing is set to is there a guide for this, also what internal diameter does the hose need to be to the ecu cheers jamie
  6. ive used the search engine and have done pretty much everything so far to sort this problem out, i have rebuilt the charger renewed all igintion parts with standard items or bosch equivalent etc etc replaced temp sensor, but low down in the rev range i get nothing i put my foot down and it just doesnt want to go what else can i try it just builds up revs very slowly and feels like its holding back. only thing left i can think of is mapping what are people thoughts cheers jamie
  7. the halfords ones are not good if the car is going to be outside the material breaks up after quite a short period of time but inside they are really good, look on cover your car .co.uk they are the best ones also on ebay ill find the one ove got it cost me 80 quid but is very very good
  8. brilliant mate how much would you like for it and postage cheers jamie
  9. rabbit82


    for my g60 please many thanks jamie
  10. i need one of these if anyone else has a spare ill be happy to pay no problem at all cheers jamie
  11. rabbit82

    handle lock

    Brilliant mate mine is an early type j reg g60, after some research yeh I saw you couldn't use any other :(
  12. rabbit82

    handle lock

    or can I use one out of another handle of another vw https://www.vwheritage.com/shop/191837061/lock-barrel-key-front-door-most-mk1-2-golf/#esp_pg=1
  13. rabbit82

    handle lock

    I just need the lock barrel out of a drivers side handle and the key as this has broken on my handle cheers
  14. i wasn't particularly looking at getting a manifold but these popped up and i thought hmmm maybe worth a look
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