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  1. Right, finally got my kit from Bilstein about 3 weeks ago. Because I had the older style rear KW v1s that replaced the whole strut, on top of what was already recommended, I had to buy the upper spring plates for the rears, which took a while to arrive. Like others have found, I had the wrong rear springs for my car. With the springs supplied the car sat too low at the rear. It was also a bit 'crashy' on bad roads. I went with Larkspeed and they got me the taller springs sent out free of charge. I fitted the springs Saturday and now the car sits evenly and the ride quality is really good. My question is, has everyone who have had the wrong springs had the same scenario, car too low at the rear? Or have some found the rear too high? There may be potential for some swaps as I have a week old set of shorter springs I don't want. Cheers
  2. Great info there Si. Would've been nice to fit genuine parts. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if the mk4 lower ball joints fit a corrado vr6? Just wondering as you can still buy genuine parts. Cheers, Dave
  4. I think you're right in terms of 'plus axle'. I don't understand how the extra width affects the kit fitment, it must just be the geometry change causes a difference in the required damping and spring rates? Having a bit of a mongrel I thought I'd ask the question.🤔
  5. Thanks for all the part numbers, much appreciated. Annoyingly there is a delay in manufacture so I'm not going to be able to get hold of the kit until mid July. I held onto an old spring when I had the kW set reconditioned 3 years ago, managed to fit it on the weekend. Just need to nurse it now until I can get the Bilsteins. Amazing how uneven the roads are when you've got next to no damping lol. One thing I didn't mention was that I fitted a 1z tdi from a Passat just over 3 years ago. Does anyone have an opinion on whether the kit ending in 109 (for the vr6) is still the correct option?
  6. Great info, thanks Seanl82 for going through your receipts! What about the rears, do you need to buy the upper and lower spring plates?
  7. Thanks for the info so far. I'd done some searching...unfortunately the topics that Google found that looked to be the most useful I couldn't access. Regarding the bump stops and dust covers, is this just the rears or fronts as well? I can't find a copy of the instructions. I was hoping to at least identify what I was going to need and where I might get it from before parting with my money 🤑 In terms of suppliers the cheapest I have found is extreme-carstyling @£610 delivered. Does anyone have any experience of them? or is it best to stay with more familiar names for the sake of 60 quid? Cheers
  8. As the title suggests, I am going to be replacing my KW v1s (leaking and broken spring after 3 years) for the bilstein b12 pro kit. I don't have any of the original suspension parts, so I am hoping someone could please tell me what parts I will need, spring plates etc. Car is a '93 VR. Thank you
  9. Yep needs to be the 8v where the MAF bolts straight onto the output of the air box. Thanks
  10. As per the title, has anyone got one they would like to sell please? Thanks, Dave
  11. Is the ISV a genuine Bosch item?
  12. Black Leather Interior Black leather interior out of a VR6. The interior originally started out as black cloth but has been re-trimmed in leather at some point before I bought the car that it was in. I only realised that it was not original after researching on here about the 'crinkled' effect leather on the seat inserts and finding that original leather seats are a smooth finish. They did look very nice fitted in the car and most people wouldn't know any different. The interior is in very good condition. There are a few small depressions in the seats where the door cards have been stored against them. These should come out with a little heat which I shall try to do in the next couple of days. Photos show that there is some superficial wear to the drivers bolster and there are a few areas where the leather has come away from the door cards around the door pockets. The front passenger door card has had some breaks in it (not the leather) but I have glued and repaired these the best I can and now feels sturdy and should be good once fitted. The pull lever/knob for tilting the drivers seat forward, to access the rear seats has broken off. I still have the lever/knob, it could probably be glued on or just replaced with a good one. If you need any further info or photos please ask. Thanks, Dave List Date: 4/15/2014 Location: Gloucester, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: Black Leather Interior -------------------------------------- SOLD -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Black Leather Interior Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  13. Are these still available, could do with 1 set if they are? Cheers
  14. Hi, to be honest I'm not sure, the G60 is one of the corrados I haven't owned. It depends whether it has the bar or hook type hangers. The exhaust is designed for the bar type. The G60 I believe has the hook type. Someone else on here might be able to tell you whether there is a simple way of making it fit?
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