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  1. It’s a shame there’s no Corrado in there though.
  2. If he don’t have it all I will bring a van 😂😂
  3. They were like this a bit when I ordered mine. 5 or 6 months before delivery from enquiry. They are very busy, just have to keep at it.
  4. At least it’s a 3 door. It should be a lot of fun when finished. How old is the Passat and what mileage do you get for that money. what are you thinking of having done to the engine before it goes into the golf. I also went for the Quaif lsd. Be very careful maxing power till it’s got 1k miles on, mine pulled to the left like someone was tugging the wheel sometimes when new till it was bedded in, at the time I wished I’d gone for wavetec. Them seats look cool n comfy too.
  5. Sharp knife and wire wheel I think. Those pictures are of the old hatch though which was replaced.
  6. I’ve posted these photos before somewhere but can’t find it. As you can see when I broke the glass you could just pull the rest away. No bonding going on just rust eating away under the seal and water finding somewhere dry to go. it’s amazing the damage that might lurk behind a screen that’s had a removal without some proper paint being applied before refitting the screen . The rubber that goes around the screen can hide an awful lot of mischief. Any sign of bubbling under any glass or window seals needs investigating before it gets too much for a cheap scrub and lick of paint to rectify. Leaving it can mean thousands instead of hundreds of well earned Pounds.
  7. Try sending easypops a message as he had a couple spare I think.
  8. My goodness, that’s in a pretty bad way. I’d buy a new whole new tensioner
  9. I once bought a door without realising until it was fitted that the top window part was bent outward. When I removed the outer rubber seal and window guide from the door top it was rusted out where the window frame bit joins the main door near the handle and had no Strength to push against the rubber seal, no fixing that, I got another door.
  10. I agree, if you can see water on the rubber it’s coming from the door
  11. If the bonnet/hood is the same as yours all should be good. Early cars had the dip in the middle of the bonnet, cross over to later cars had the raised middle section on the bonnet which also dictates which wings went on.
  12. What does this mean? I the the last bit 😂😂
  13. It’s the bit on the coil pack with the plug for the wiring from the ecu. You remove this from the oe coil pack when doing the mod using the Bosch motor sport coil pack mod, as in ABV’s thread, that he got from vortex. Yours must be dead, so you still need another coil pack.
  14. I have a coil pack if you want to try one
  15. Save your money and try some 288 discs and ferodo pads. Awesome combination.
  16. I bet it’s not a problem anymore with it being 6 years ago. 🤣😂🤣
  17. Ecu doesn’t read the maf until the engine is warm 80 C and above, before that it runs on a cold map. So l think if it runs crap from cold it may be something else I’m afraid. Generally a poor maf as above will run not bad when cold and go lumpy and crappy as soon as the temps pick up Cut slots in the screws if you don’t have the bolt/screw fitting/socket and remove the maf from the plastic housing. Give it a good squirting and don’t touch the surface with anything else.
  18. Whats your symptoms. Is it rough when cold warm, over 80, or both
  19. I think the oe/ Bosch are nla. or very expensive. I used that maf cleaner in my thread and mine came back to life and still good.
  20. 1xshaunx1

    Horn not working

    Not fog light, it’s the indicator that has the same plug
  21. 1xshaunx1

    Horn not working

    Are you getting power to the wiring going into the plug, if not I would check :- You haven’t plugged the fog light plug into the horn if not chase the wires back to the loom near the battery. The wiring might be damaged near the battery if you can hear clicking
  22. The adaptors are the carriers. They are the grey things below the callipers in my photo of the kit, you replace the carriers you have on with those and then bolt your calliper to that. If you buy their kit you only need brake fluid.
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