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  1. Similar history as I have had a couple of e30's too. Porsche was a good drive but wasn't as exciting as the Corrado (and didn't have as nice a sound). It felt pretty special to smoke around in though and pop lights are always cool 😎 but still regretted selling the Corrado more!
  2. There were a few other cars after I sold the first one - Porsche 944S2, Mazda RX8 (231) and then finally an Audi A4 Cabriolet (3.0 V6) which I still own but is about to be sold as it has been replaced by the VR6.
  3. Thought would post a pic of the old one too
  4. Thanks for the welcome, though I would upload a few pics. Few issues to work through but overall quite pleased with it (just need to work out why can't post in certain parts of the forum).
  5. Thought I would say hi after getting another corrado, 6 years after selling my last one! Used to own a flash red VR6 which I immediately regretted selling, have now just bought a sherry pearl vr6 and must say am loving the sound again. Cheers, Peter
  6. Yeah, that would be useful if you could - cheers
  7. Hi, just wondered if these were still available? Need one for my VR6
  8. Hi, looking for a bit of advice. Have seen an interior for my rado that I recently fancy buying. Only issue is that it is being sold by a guy in America. Have spoken to him and he said he would send to the UK if I arranged the shipping. Only issue is that I have never done this before and am not even sure if it would be financially viable. Just wondered if anyone here has done this before and had any advice they could pass on or information on companies they have used? Am guessing due to the size it would need a crate or at least a pallet but haven't the first clue where to start. Cheers, Peter
  9. Not been on here for ages but still have some parts for sale (full set of door cards and vr6 coilpack).Will try and get some pics up if anyone is interested?
  10. Not mine but I have also been having a look at this as fancy another VR6. If I wasn't in Scotland and this was the other end of the country I would be going for a look.
  11. Doorcards are as per the pictures on the 1st page (just before they went in the loft). Could do with a clean but they are not broken / don't have any holes. Can potentially post but not sure how expensive it would be as they are quite bulky.
  12. Not been on here in ages as corrado is long gone. Still have rear seats and a full set of door cards for sale that came off it though, willing to listen to offers as need the space back in my loft (see page 1 for pics). Cheers, Peter
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