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  1. bump. Offers welcomed.
  2. Header tank and inner door seal now sold.
  3. Yes Graham I think so, drove it about 200 miles with no problems.
  4. Bump, 2 more bits added.
  5. All parts still available. The very front part of the thermo housing has been removed as the 2 bolts had rusted badly causing a crack. Wasn't into the water jacket, but they were very crumbly, so I took it of as I have Irwin bolt extractors. Easy to swap from your existing housing or just have for the senders which all worked perfectly.
  6. Yep, still got them.
  7. Hadn't even checked that Stuart. Just had a look and one of the bottom ones is missing as is two of the top three, middle one is still there. As such I have dropped the price.
  8. God dam it they have all disappeared from my photo bucket account, will re upload them now. Seals are in good condition, no rips or tears that I noticed when removing them.
  9. Finally got round to clearing out the shed and taking pictures of the last few bits I have for sale. All taken from a 1993 VR6. All prices include shipping and are negotiable. Payment by paypal gift or buyer covers the charges. Collection from Exeter welcome at a reduced price. VR6 grill £15.00 Missing a few clips, which ones outlined in thread. Attached securely enough, could always add cable ties. Rear wiper motor £12.00 VDO central locking pump and surround. £25.00 VR6 header tank SOLD Fog light switch £10.00 VR6 fuse box, relays and fuses £25.00 VR6 manifold heat shield £15.00 Wing bump strip £10.00 Glove box light/boot light? £5.00 Pollen cover £10.00 Seat runner covers. £10.00 Upper bonnet seal. £10.00 Inner door seals x2. SOLD ABS ecu £20 Thermo housing and senders, all working. £20
  10. All gone i'm afraid. Really down to the last few bits now that are mostly interior.
  11. Yeah, still have that. All body panels now sold.
  12. I have a metal one that I no longer need. Think it is made by Laser. £15 delivered?
  13. Can you lock the wheels up at speed? I never really tried, but if you can then tyres will be the limiting factor, and only being 205s wont help.
  14. I liked the brakes. The front pads are Ferodo 2.11 which are a more track focused pad. The hotter they are the better they perform. When I was bedding them in and doing high speed hard stops the braking force got better and better as the car pulled up, where normal pads would start to fade, to the point like it felt I was going to be thrown through the windscreen. This probably trades off to poorer cold performance, but they were half price so I took a gamble. Even though they still felt good to me when cold. Rears are Ferodo Premiers. Can't help on the other Questions, but the info will no doubt be in James' build thread, it just takes a long time to wade through every time you need the spec of something you aren't sure of. Just looked at the for sale add I did and the cams are Schimmel 268s.
  15. Ha, got to apologise about the crossovers, they were loose and access was difficult so I just crumpled up some paper and jammed it in there to stop them moving around. Agree with Graeme re the plate, looks a bit too max power down there for me. Always wanted some original gauges like those but couldn't bring myself to pay the £300 odd they seemed to sell for. Looks much better than the ones I installed. How has the paint been for you? Faded much or is it kept tucked up in the garage when wet?
  16. Yeah, the jack, wheel brace and plastic case they sit in, looks like this.
  17. Don't have that. Mainly the bits listed and a few interior parts, everything else is gone.
  18. Bump. Clearing the last few bits out of the shed. All prices include delivery. Steering column. Hole drilled to remove ignition barrel. £25 Speaker covers £10 ABS ecu £12 Clocks. reading 120thou IIRC. Sold Window regulator. sold Door seals. Ones which attach to chassis. Pair. £20 Bosch Starter motor. Worked very well turning the engine over superbly. Bit of surface rust to the case. Sold Jack kit. SOLD Alt, £40 Still have boot floor and side carpets if they are of any use to anyone.
  19. Sorry but trying to package the bumper would be an absolute 'mare so the body panels are collection only.
  20. Haven't had an opportunity to test it yet so don't want to pull it apart if it is potentially ok. Let me know about the downpipe.
  21. Rear bumper got blown over a few weeks back causing scratches along the top. £10 Rest still available, make me an offer.
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