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  1. problem was the black sender, changed this first and its sorted it right out. problem solveed.... till the next one. lol
  2. lukeyy

    vrt or 20v it!!!!

    this has been playhing at me for days now, take the plunge and be poor to go balls out vamping up the vr with a turbo or just drop in the 1.8t bam engine. 225 bhp straight... cheaper too, i think..
  3. cheers rob, bloody true, sods law!! doing the ordering tomorrow
  4. okay, cheers. i'll start by ordering up the black sender in the thermo housing, see if that works.
  5. lukeyy

    bye bye bandeds.

    banded steels gone and back on standard rolling stock. forgot how good the speedlines look actually. :thumbleft:
  6. anyone got a wiring diagram for the radiator/fan???
  7. hey, this morning went out turned on ignition and the fan came back on at full speed same as before. i had a play with the plugs on the thermo housing, unplugged blue and yellow individually, nothin happened, but unplugging black it turned off. what does this mean?
  8. alright man, it was tonight it happened, not yesterday which i wrote before. couldn't really see what was going on cos its a bit dark out ther. lol. can you test the fan switch or repair it? i'll switch the car on in the morning before work see if its still gonna go ape on me. hahaha
  9. Hey, A new problem!! driving home from my girlfriends last night i could hear a whurring noise coming from the engine bay, this was around 25 miles of driving around 70mph, water temp and oil temp was fine, nothing alarming there. the whurring noise continued for the next 10 miles till i got home. pulled up, popped the bonnet and the radiator was going full whack, turned off car and it stopped, clicked ignition on and it started at full speed again. :scratch: Any ideas????? thankyou in advance. luke
  10. i'd spend it on getting mine turbo'd or charged. :)
  11. doing same thing man, tired stem seals, so gonna rebuild the entire thing, sourced a completely overhauled head, so just looking at finding another bottom end now and putting low con rods and pistons so its ready for turbo'ing. ;) keep me updated on how yours is going man, nice to know that theres other people going through the same. lol
  12. hey, had a similar problem on my valver, mine was a blocked water pipe, top pipe of the radiator to head, where little pipe connects to go to expansion tank, where they join, tiny diaghram in there had welded together, maybe unrealted.. but possible
  13. hey man, you still got engine left? im after the bottom end really for a vr rebuild, but if youve got entire block i might take whole lot. pm me if you do. :)
  14. italian tune up!! this is religion to get all my cars through emissions on mot!! haha. works a treat! ;)
  15. awesome, i did notice the blue sensor looked a bit dirty, i'll try cleaning that up, think it had a new thermostat quite recently before i got the car. i haven't got vagcom, i got one of those fault code readers, wheres the port for it?
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