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  1. Put it up for what you would like for it, then reduce as appropriate if it doesn't sell is the advice most people give. But... I'd start around 3750. Sounds well looked after and fairly original but mileage is a little high. Prices seem a little low at the moment with so many Corrados coming out of the woodwork and appearing on eBay, although not so many of them are G60s. I think the key for a buyer at the moment is how much 'restorative' engine and drivetrain work has been done to ensure less expenditure once bought. Your cam belt and supercharger history is good though. Prices seem all over the place online as far as I can see, so I can understand your difficulty in pricing!
  2. Might seem obvious but have you still got the 'snorkel' in the front of the air box? Light the tube below but in the g60 air box. [ATTACH=CONFIG]78573[/ATTACH]
  3. That's quite low speed for tyre balance issues - but few things to check: Tyre/wheel balancing - check for bulges/tears also Wheel tracking/alignment Steering rack bolts/bushes CV Joints - bolts worked themselves loose? Drive Shaft vibration damper - might have come loose, just cut it off. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=101 You haven’t got wheel spacers have you?
  4. Pipework and neatness is indeed the issue and benefit of buying a kit!
  5. Yeah I'm all for keeping a G60 and G60, not many of them left now and the engine has its own unique character :) There are some cheaper FMIC options that I've been looking at such as intercooler from Land Rover Defender 90 TD5, apparently it fits with no chopping: Merc Sprinter is another option but think its actually too big so reduces performance.
  6. Hi Jimmy, 68mm pulley belt and suitable chip is a good upgrade - chips vary in quality though with regards to fuelling so read some reviews on that. ISV Reroute Kit - Haven't done this myself, read it has negligible effects and causes poor idle when cold. Good thread here though - http://www.corrado-club.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3819 Mocal oil cooler with a thermostatic take off plate is a must if increasing engine performance, looks after your engine in the long run. With the 80degreeC fan switch and and coolant thermostat some people experience engine temperature that is too cool and takes a while to heat up the oil - I agree, have both these parts and may swap them back. Can't say much about the cams or FPR though because I haven't experience them myself. I felt the best thing with a Corrado is to upgrade the handling though - springs, bushes, anti-roll bars and strut braces.
  7. Is it a certain model Passat it has to be from? Just seen these on ebay - different part number. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-VW-Passat-Wiper-Motor-Cover-NEW-/160648714998
  8. as above ^ "Five people with communication difficulties have joined Channel 4's continuity team this December to introduce some of the channel's biggest shows. " Jess Thom -
  9. Oh sorry, just saw the ebay photos of it in a valet yard.
  10. Dealers are very sneaky/clever these days, got to make their money!
  11. Make sure you go for hub centric ones with the correct centre bore - 57.1mm I've just ordered and received some from Demon Tweeks, seem good quality and solid, safe for motorsport use. You need to get new extended wheel bolts also. Standard size are M12x1.5 and length 23.5mm so add to that whatever width your spacers are. Remember also with bolts they come with tapered or radius seats. Standard are radius, but it depends on your alloys. As KipVR said above though stub axle spacers are good for the rear as they don't increase wear on the wheel bearings. Seen them here - http://www.axlespacers.co.uk Also just a note that I think FWD cars should have a wider front track, RWD wider rear track. For info on handling, there is a good discussion here with Chris Eyre - http://www.clubgti.com/showthread.php?220808-Wider-track-on-front-or-rear-for-more-oversteer
  12. Doh! I meant mk1. Spent too much time looking at cars recently my brain is muddled!
  13. 500 quid!? one of the most original and clean Mk2 golfs i've seen!
  14. Just read that the struts are made by Bilstein, so try contacting them for a rebuild. Could only find pricing on their US website though - http://www.bilsteinus.com/products/search-service/service.html
  15. Milltek put there's down to arson... :(
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