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  1. Oh awesome, I hadn't twigged that about the Gammas (who ever reads the front text? :Lol:) I would love an original Gamma CD but they're commanding frankly ridiculous prices now. Short of digging through a German scrapyard and crossing my fingers I don't think that'll be a winner. That said some people still want £150 for a Gamma 4! I've seen the CD changer connectivity kits on AliExpress, actually look quite good (and include Bluetooth handsfree which is a nice touch). Hopefully someone here has one or I'll get back on eBay :)
  2. Thanks, I had seen those pages before but couldn't find them when I started looking again recently! Although it's a Mk1 it's a cabrio, and right on the changeover to when they started putting Mk2-style big bumpers on them (1987-1988), so a 90s radio would still fit the theme IMO. Apparently all the Gammas require the Activ speaker system, so that might be out. Maybe a Beta 4? It'd be pretty trivial to splice in a Chinese bluetooth module to the tape input - they're only £2 (!) off eBay - and the RDS/TA features would make it useful enough to use day-to-day. Basically I just want to tone down the dash a bit, all the blue LEDs and fake chrome have started to annoy me :) Would rather have a VW one, thanks though!
  3. Hi all, I wondered if anybody had an original VW tape deck around they might want to part with? My Mk1 has a hideous 2000s unit in it at the moment and I'd like to tone it down! :lol: Hopefully someone's got one on a shelf somewhere :) My first choice would be a VW Gamma 3 (see pic) but would consider anything. Thanks in advance, Stone
  4. Hey dude, I'm about some of the time! But normally just on the R32 groups these days. You can leave on the moulded ends that go to distributor or coilpack, the standard 90 degree ones fit fine. The spark plug ends are reusable if you have Bosch originals, but if you have cheaper leads or they're crimped on instead of screwed then you can buy the connectors from a bunch of places including VW, Just Kampers did mine. Part number 036 035 255J, about a fiver each. You will need to file the slots out of the side crimps to use with the removal tool, takes a few seconds per connector. Stone
  5. The bulb is unfortunately a VW special - you can plug a standard bulb into the socket on the 'wrong' side (for LHD cars) but on the RHD version there's a small plastic cross piece that contains two wires with crimped-on contacts which are soldered to a small 12V bulb. I gave away my last spare but it's the same as automatic Mk3 Golfs so you may get lucky in a scrapyard. Worst-case you can solder a new bulb onto your adapter wires, although they do run hot and replacing it with an LED might be a better option. I did once dismantle a Mk3's shifter plate and scan it so I have a PDF of the correct font somewhere. Might be useful for someone to make a decal if you spaced it out correctly? Stone
  6. This is music to my ears as Vince should be remapping my R32 on Friday! Bit of an exciting rebuild - it went in for clutch, chains and Schrick cams, but on turning it over both inlet valves got bent against the carbon crusted onto cylinder #6...So the head came off and now it's getting a port and polish to go with it :thumbleft: Very curious to see how much he can squeeze out of it, plus finally fix the horribly twitchy throttle response :) Stone
  7. You don't want an original first aid kit - it'll be 15 years out of date! Fortunately there's an ISO standard for first aid kits (Germany, lol) and the rear seat armrest is built around the standard - have a spy at the thread I made a while ago and you can snag one that will actually be useful in an emergency :)
  8. This is my old car...sniff, sniff. :puppydogeyes: I'm still available for questions about the history if required. The bonnet was the single worst panel. Stu might be able to make you a sledge out of it..? Stone
  9. It's in Bedford. Still on the car but the front bumper and slam panel are off so it shouldn't be too bad to remove. Bit of an arse to post to Worcestershire though, sorry that's not as helpful as I thought it was :(
  10. A very old thread bump, but IMO justified because this thread shows up well in Google searches :) You can fit an R32 sump to an ABV or AAA - my dearly departed VR6 has one. The oil pump and pickup have to be swapped for the R32 parts, and it needs a tiny hole drilled in the uppermost plastic baffle so that it doesn't stop the dipstick from being inserted all the way. The oil condition sensor obviously doesn't have anywhere to plug into the Corrado engine management but it'd probably be possible to rig a temporary power supply to it if you were desperate to find out about your oil condition without spilling any! The R32 sump is not only alloy and baffled but significantly shorter than the stock VR or 24v sumps. This is a godsend if you have a history of scraping them on the road - mine sat so high up that the subframe would scrape before the sump did. The 24v sump I had fitted prior to the R32 one only lasted a couple of months before I hit a bump and cracked it :lol: Stone
  11. I have an excellent one, still in the car so would need removal on pickup. Currently located in Bedford and I'd like £100.
  12. If you can get to M1 J9 you can have one of mine for a tenner.
  13. Sorry for the late response, didn't have notifications turned on for this thread. Yes, I do still have it. Stone
  14. You can't do better than Dav Dulai in Coventry. http://www.pureklas.co.uk/contact Stone
  15. I have a crossmember... as with all of them it's a bit rusty though. Any use?
  16. Stonejag

    Vr6 engine

    I'm going to be accessing the chains side of my breaker's engine shortly (it's going to become a coffee table...) if you're still stuck for one. Is it just under the side timing chain cover or does the gearbox have to come off to reach it?
  17. I have one on my breaker - it's in Bedford (M1 J13) so not too far... Two catches - it's still in the car and would need removing, and it used to work intermittently. By that I mean if you fully warmed the car up it would work perfectly (including ABS) but first thing in the morning the ABS light would be on. The outermost couple of hardlines to it had corroded and brake fluid was weeping down the front of the unit, so I suspect some got into the electrics and it evaporated once the engine bay was nice and hot. On the bright side, I wouldn't take more than a tenner for it :) You're welcome to drop by if it'd help you out.
  18. Give it a drain and refill with new ATF. There's no published drain/refill interval which means it probably hasn't ever been done before! Made a massive difference to mine. Best DIY guide: here. Stone
  19. I have a spare VR radiator with nearly-new elbow if you need one :)
  20. I'm going in the R32, curious to see how it does on the rollers...
  21. I have a couple of late passenger side ones if that's any use.
  22. Stonejag


    I've got a badgeless grille, near-mint, £10 posted. All clips intact.
  23. Why convert it? The auto box makes a VR6 fantastic fun. If I put my foot down, mine stayed in 2nd gear to over 80mph :lol: Yet you can drive them gently and get 36mpg - with a pinch of MFA salt. The top gear makes for very similar cruising revs as a manual, but having fewer gears (and fewer, faster shifts) makes them pull very hard compared to a manual. Plus they've likely had a slightly gentler life as they don't appeal to boy racers so much. Make sure you change the ATF and filter as soon as possible (easy driveway job but very necessary) and they drive beautifully. Don't be put off! Stone
  24. Unfortunately you have to buy a whole rear panel to get that bit :( Part #11 on this pic: 535809843A (left) and 535809844A (right). Still available from VW Classic Parts in Germany but at €495 each! You'd do better cutting it off a breaker. The parts I have are #10 on that pic. £120 the pair (collected) if anyone wants them :) Stone
  25. Rear sill as in B-pillar/back of the door? I have a set of factory A-pillar pieces... You can still get a fair few bits from VW Classic Parts but postage will be quite expensive. Nick
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