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  1. Update: Found a couple of large splits in the flexi boot on top of the meter, sealed but no joy. Fitted a new lambda probe today (absolute mare to get out! Map gas and swinging on the spanner!) up and running again 😄. Cheers chaps...insurance and MOT time next week 😧
  2. Cheers guys, leads have arrived but don't have the cycle sensor on the 4th lead (doh!) Started again from cold today, kicked up, idled fine for a while, this time I gave some revs and back to idle then went lumpy and died 🙁 Going to pick up a fuel filter tomorrow, wasn't that long since I changed it (when it was on the road) but could have gunked up. Completely forgot about a running issue prior to taking it off road, needed lots of revs to set off otherwise it would kangaroo like mad. I'll have good clean and degunk of the necessaries too. Think I checked the switches for continuity a while ago but I'll have another gander. I've sent a visitor message (?) davidwort, hopefully have a read of the VAG info 👍🏻
  3. Could only find this message section (using phone)


    It's [email protected]


    Thanks 👍🏻

  4. I've had a gander in the posts and can't find my specific problem...so here goes ! My 16v has been off road snoozing in my garage for over a year, and want to get it back on the road. I occasionally started it up and got it up to temp with no issues, but now the idle is rough as shizen and won't hold on its own. In fact a short while ago it would hold revs fine but die instantly as soon as the throttle was released regardless of temp. I've had a similar issue bringing it out of storage before, cleaning the ISV sorted that. Tried cleaning the ISV but no joy, ordered a cheap new one fitted it today and it idled like a dream...for 5 minutes then revs dropped and died. It won't rev freely now, starts, idles low for around 10 seconds and dies. Startup is fine, will rev but horribly !...then dies. Steps I've taken so far Emptied tank +fresh fuel New dizzy and rotor New ISV The ISV was an eBay special (new) metal body which worked a treat for a short time, do I spend a bit more than £30 on a Bosch/VDO or look for a problem elsewhere ? Thanks in advance guys !
  5. Thanks for the quick replies chaps, much appreciated ! I had a gander on eBay last night and there's quite a few compatible ones, I couldn't find a plain one without the spirally winding. It may give a better signal, but I just prefer the look of the original somehow. May be being a bit fussy really .
  6. For some unknown reason I am now without an aerial, maybe a thieving little bastid has had it away or a super inquisitive squirrel took a fancy to it,either way it's gone and i'm after an original one (plain stem). Just the screw in bee stingy bit please. Muchas Gracias.
  7. Photos are on now, looks like a minter . Not keen on grey interior myself though . Good luck to em getting full asking price ! Ha
  8. Youd of though they'd of put a few pics on , unless theyre gonna update it ...whats the lowest mileage Corrado knocking about I wonder . True , lady owner isn't a selling point but one owner from new sounds good to me , theyll know anything and everything about the car . Can't fathom the £9000 price tag though !
  9. Wondering if anyone else had seen this http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/380911580868?nav=SEARCH 38000 miles , 1 owner ...but £9000 ??
  10. Sorted now buddy thanks , iv'e stuck an order in with eurocarparts , carparts4less and veedubmachine ...god bless ebay ! haha Orbis keep popping up too , they LOOK decent parts and the front kit comes with a nyloc nut as opposed to SKF's standard nut...probably unnecessary , and I don't fancy being a guinea pig . Maybe one to watch out for as they come in quite a bit cheaper (on offer) although they seem to specialise in plastic bearings and their website looks like my 9 year old son has designed it ! Thanks again , i'll post how it all goes (i've never changed a wheel bearing in my life and hear bushes are a pig , but i'll suss it :cheers: )
  11. Sound advice thanks very much . Mines a 16v , i'll more than likely go with the SKF as they seem to be a tad cheaper and if theyre similar quality ....
  12. Sorry for the late reply , and thanks for the advice and help . It wasn't that bad of a job after all like you said , inlet manifold kind of came off in one lump , put the new flange and gasket on and filled it up ....and it emptied in a few days !!!! Turns out there was a leak from the water pump too ! it was only about £9 with gasket from my local autofactors so I stuck that bugger on and it's been fine ever since :-)
  13. Has anyone heard of or even better , used SNR wheel bearings ? I know bearings have been covered on here but can't seem to find any mention on these .Going to do all mine ( as well as new wishbones , bushes , bump stops and droplinks :shocked!: ) and eurocarparts have an offer on these at £33 and £23 for ORBIS, they only stock these and ORBIS bearings . Wondering whether to take a punt on these or go down the SKF - FAG route which are actually a bit cheaper .
  14. I'm gonna have another go at weekend , got part way to taking the inlet manifold off on Saturday , came unstuck when it came to taking the fuel lines off the injectors , wasn't quite sure how to go about it . Think I've got to undo the nuts on the fuel lines ? I have to move the fuel lines to get the lower manifold off ? Need proper access as one of the cap head bolts is rounded and want to make sure the flange is seated properly ..
  15. Just had a good prod around in the engine bay , in looking at the hoses and looking for sensors etc. I moved the top hose a little , and there was a good old gush from the flange ...looks like the fecker is cracked after all ! Now , ALL I've got to do is take the inlet manifold off to get at the swine . Hopefully with the new flange on it'll be leak free !!
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