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  1. 16vTdub

    Led dash switches

    sorry 2 bump this up.. Im also wanting to do this on my early corrado if anyone can help out?
  2. Still available? Any chance of some pics please
  3. Cheers for the link mate, But will my G60 flywheel not work? The gearbox bracket I will be using the dutchbuilds one.. The driveshafts are standard items, Can I not swap the driveshaft cups over from the 02J so I can run my current driveshafts? Would the diesel gearbox work is my main question :scratch:
  4. I am thinking about going down the 6speed gearbox route with my 20vT corrado.. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light into a 6speed conversion on a 1.8t 20v AUM engine.. I have sourced a 6speed setup out of a bora pd 130 the gearbox code is erf or efr the seller is unsure on the actual code. Apparently he has everything needed to change from 5speed to 6speed, Gearbox, drive shafts, hydro line(clutch line) with clips and gear selector with knob Now my question is will this gearbox setup work with my engine which is currently running a 02J with a single mass G60 flywheel and vr6 clutch.. Also what flywheel and clutch setup will I need to use if I will be using the 6speed gearbox?
  5. Are the alloys all straight with no buckles etc... Also would you be willing to send to london?
  6. Long shot but is this still available?
  7. Any chance of some pics of the black plastics mate?
  8. Is that for both sides loom and relay box? Any chance of some pics
  9. As title states im looking for a complete electric window wiring loom setup out of a early corrado. I have the switches so only need both driver/passenger side looms and relay box I think?? :scratch: Close as possible to london so I could collect otherwise I dont mind paying for postage if the price is right :thumbleft:
  10. I was wondering if anyone can help me out? Im replacing my dashboard atm and have notice my car runs the mk2 electric window loom and switches which are located in the centre pod, Now I really want to use the original switches on the door cards so was wondering what will have to be done? Any info or help is appreciated
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