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  1. Thanks kdub, Had a peek at their fb page and looks like what I'm looking for. Ill give them a call Mike
  2. Hi Guys, Ive re-located to Fife from the NorthEast and normally take my paintwork to Heaton Cochworks in Newcastle but was wondering if anyone knew any decent paintshops in and around Fife. I pretty much need one side re-spraying and my door aligning properly so mechanical experience would be handy too. I look to the forum for someone who has a reputation for doing quality work and are reliable. Cheers Mike
  3. fishmaestro


    Hi Guys, Im in need of a VR6 ISV (Idle stabilisation valve) if anyone has one knocking about they know is in v good working order. Cheers mike
  4. Will take the kick panel please, ive not had mine fitted since my full re-spray. I was promised a replacement but never materialised.
  5. Hey im actually located in tesside and have two vr's. I am interested in the engine and wouldn't mind seeing it this weekend if your about. So the engine is out of a golf originally then being the 2.8L?? P.M me to arrange a meet if it suits. Cheers Mike
  6. Guess I was too late. Oh well hope they went to a good home.
  7. Thanks to all who responded to this post. My bodyshop guy came up trumps with one in v good condition so unless there is a drama with the alignment when fitting, I no longer need one. Cheers Mike
  8. Appreciate that mate and look forward to the pics
  9. Ok thanks ill post the link after work tomorrow as I haven't got details to hand. Are any of them stripped or as removed? Cheers Mike
  10. Sounds promising mate, mine is getting the final bodywork/re-spray done and it was not possible to save the tailgate. Would it be ok to link some photos to Paul at Heaton Coachworks if I give you details as he will be carrying out the work. Cheers Mike
  11. fishmaestro


    I'm looking for a tailgate for my 94' vr6 in good condition (don't Laugh) and its fairly urgent. I have seen a few examples but they have been similar with typical rust spots around the number plate and behind the number plate light arrangement. Mike
  12. Yeah Definately contact me regarding the wheels because if they are buckle free and the finish is as good as they look then I wouldnt hesitate to buy them. Thanks for the reply and PM me anytime. I just think they are one of the best looking wheels for the rado. Take it they are 30-32 offset etc as I know some similar were knocking about for the calibra and other makes with ifferent offsets. Cheers Mike
  13. Hey lewvw, I have the same wheels on my rado and they are like rocking horse ****e, mine are in good condition finish wise but know two are badly buckled. I am very interested if they are still for sale. Cheers Mike
  14. Hi easypops, Dont think they will do mate as the offset is 43 and I need more like 33. Also they are split rims and need monos. Shame,nice wheels though. Mike
  15. [ATTACH=CONFIG]68612[/ATTACH]Looking to replace two of my 16" Original BBS alloy wheels with correct offsets. They are 5 pot with 215/40/16 wheels. Not too bothered about curb or paint damage but they need to be straight hence the replacement. Would be interested in a set of 4 but need two minimum. If anyone knows where I can get hold of some then PM me with details. Cheers Mike
  16. Managed to visit the shop today and thanks for the recommendations
  17. Thanks for the responses, I am looking for top quality and not just a bodge just a matter of how much. Not had much to do with resprays so no real idea on what to expect. I'm back in the area next week and pass through newcastle. I'll call in on the way down and ive taken a note of his number.
  18. Hi Chris, Yep it was Skez and managed to get a few small bits from his broken Corrado. Met the two Andy's and they are both sound and my sort of folk really. Its good when you turn up and the first thing not mentioned is money and they show a genuine interest lol. I'm in Scotland for most of this week but should be back in the area for that local meet. Was supposed to be going to a meet up here but everyone pulled out and seemed like a bit of a clicky event anyway. Send us details via a pm nearer the date and i'll give you a definate answer. Not one to say, yeah ill be there definately mate and then not show up haha. Look forward to meeting up then and catch you later Mike
  19. Nice one I will look into it next week. What sort of work have u had done or seen?
  20. Anyone know a good bodyshop in the N.E for small rust areas, scratches and paint matching. Possibly looking at getting the back arches rolled as well. Any info cheers Mike
  21. What time and where are we meeting up? Is it still going to be from killin to kenmore?
  22. Hi That is pretty spooky really. I got chatting to a guy that is breaking a corrado in Teeside and met up with him last week to look at some bits. Anyway, I asked him if he knew anyone and he gave me the 2 andy's no's. Been in contact and taking the motor through tommorow to get the work done. Gives you alot of confidence when that happens. Not a member of vagcars yet but will look it up. Cheers Mike
  23. fishmaestro

    VR6 Radiator

    Not sure about neck seals but u should be able to get bolts. The ECP rad holes are not threaded just holes that auto thread with the new screw. So as long as you have a slightly bigger screw thread than the hole u will be ok. This time I used my old ones though, I was just recommending replacing any old screws as a matter of course. By neck seal I take it you meant the o ring for the top right neck. I had an o-ring set lying about and found one that fitted so not sure about that one. Only other thing I left out was to be careful handling the Radiator as the veins are easily damaged. The original vag copper ones had a bracket top and bottom but the ECP one doesnt. Cheers Mike
  24. Could'nt make out the pics but i'm after the plastic centre console that sits behind the gearstick both upper and lower parts. It has to be black and with the x4 securing points in tact. Any info would be good. Cheers Mike
  25. Pretty sure I seen a set on e-bay whilst looking for front fog/indicator. Brand new condition as well.
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