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  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]48080[/ATTACH] 10,000 miles on a Stealth rebuilt VR6, standard apart from Magnex. Leather. Smells nice. Perhaps some body coloured design 90s next if i feel adventurous. Maybe not. Anyway, it smells nice.
  2. Haha, the Merc is one beautiful son of a bitch though I tell you, otherwise I would. (R107, 450sl, 70k miles with body coloured Pagoda wheel trims). There aint nothing I can do to my rado at the moment, except get the Speedlines re furbished. But there is only a tiny bit of corrosion there, so I'm not too desperate) I'm keen to keep her as standard as she is, as I've seen far more modded Rados around here than standard. And I'm a purist twat. (apart from the magnex). How's it gong with your machine dude? Any plans?
  3. Yeah, and the problem (problem?) with these cars seems to be that they're so good and fun to drive, that you can't help but open them up a bit. This 'problem' is one of reasons I've got one. I'm finding any excuse to drive it at the moment. I've got a 4.5 ltr V8 Mercedes in the garage, but at the moment it's the VR6 that's getting all the attention. Mwahaha...............
  4. Yeah, I mean I like VW, my work vehicle's a new caddy and all, but these Corrados just feel so good to drive. I can only talk about VR6s as that's all I've been in, would like to have a go in a G60, see what the ride's like though! If I got taken in by a G60, I think I'd save to have one as well. Rados are such a good blend of old and new. I would like opinions on G60s actually, I must have a read up.
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47975[/ATTACH] Picked it up sunday, been incredibly well maintained, all kept standard, original speedlines and profile. Magnex. black leather interior. Heated seats. Had a complete engine rebuild by Stealth 10,000 miles back. Has had a re spray (moonlight blue). Christ, sounds like I'm trying to sell it! I'm not. But I am after another VR6 for a euro rattype machine, in gunmetal grey. (with gun turrets on if possible). Joel.
  6. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47974[/ATTACH] Well, taken me a blooming age to get anything to upload, computers aint my bag.
  7. Hello, I'm most definitely a newbie, but having a cousin with a VR6 for the last six years, and always being in the sodding passenger seat, I knew the time would come. It has, picked up a recently Stealth rebuilt VR6 with leather interior, yesterday. Which of course disgusts my cousin a bit. Loving the love. *smiling face*
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