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  1. Slipping off leather material was not necessary... an error made after the fact. This video was uploaded because it was very difficult determining what was keeping the ebrake parking brake cover from sliding off easily.
  2. Decided to do an oil pan gasket replacement and after dropping the pan... i found this stray ring-like part left at the bottom of the pan. Any explanation of what it is (as well as it's importance) would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  3. This is a video describing the necessary modifications in order to fit the UroTuning Shift Bushing Rebuild Kit (9 Pcs) | Mk3 VR6. UroTuning was helpful in selling this kit (specifically 535 711 055 D) but some specific Dremel modifications were necessary in order to fit within the shifter box linkage. Approximately 6mm was cut from bottom end AND a groove needed to be Dremel-ed from the short section in order to accommodate the large, main retaining pin.
  4. Luckily my Corrado's protective case for the pulley wheels and aux belt is intact and present. My goal is to fill in the holes and make my Corrado as stock as possible. Thanks for the useful links & info.
  5. Thanks for all the useful info! In regards to that picture, I found it somewhere online. Its not my burgundy red '94, but I concur.... it is tidy.
  6. Hello. I am missing these bottom plastic molding from both sides of the bottom front area. Does anyone happen to have a part number and/or know it's purpose other than cosmetic?
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