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  1. trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty số điện thoại tư vấn luật http://luatngogia.net/ w http://tuvanphapluattructuyen.com/ nhac san cuc manh nh hơn cả tốc độ thuấn sát.


    Trong lòng Như Ý Tử khẽ động, trong đầu ong ong tác hưởng, cũng cảm giác được phía sau mình nổi lên sát khí mãnh liệt. Hắn không khỏi lắp bắp kinh hãi, vội vàng quay trở lại, tung ra một quyền!


    Hai quyền chạm nhau, không khí run lên, pháp lực bành trướng kích xạ, cả Thiên Hình đều dao động, bảng hiệu của Thiên Hình cung cũng vang lên thanh âm kẽo kẹt.

    "Như Ý Tử! Xem ra pháp lực của ngươi quả thật lợi hại, lại có thể tránh được một quyền này của ta. Ngươi cho rằng thuấn sát có thể đánh lén ta sao? Ta nói thật cho ngươi biết, cho dù có đâm trúng ta, n

  2. Looks spot on! Give it 5 mins until the anti stretched tyre brigade turn up though :lol:
  3. Yeah, was just thinking the same with regard to the seat backs! It really does look like you're making cracking progress though and the results speak for themselves! Have you done the head rest on the passenger seat yet? It looks a bit darker than the rest of the seat for some reason...
  4. Might be a little small for your liking but my wifes got an Audi A2 and loves it! Well worth having a look at and if you go for the 1.4 tdi road tax is only £45 a year!!!
  5. I must admit I prefer: 1: Satin Siver 2: Pearl Grey 3: Mystic Blue 4: Black (what ever the correct name is for it) 5: Light Grey (what ever the correct name is for it) The worst colours for me are: 1: Yellow 2: Any of the Greens 3: Red - but mainly because it fades to pink far to often!
  6. Having recently taken delivery of a white car I have to agree that white is a cracking colour! Your C looks great and sits really well on those rims! I've uploaded your pic for you in your original post...
  7. Yeah the heater lights are generally cr4p... most likely a friday afternoon design! The lamp for the unit is housed behind the center dial and is supposed to light all off the controls but the amount of light lost from the center to the outer controls is quite major. I put a slightly brighter lamp in my controls and it did help but the outer dials were still not great. The only other option is to bucher the controls and glue some LED's behind the panel. I don't know how easy this will be to do as I never really looked into that option. Anyway, best of luck with the Storm - look forward to seeing some pics of it at some point!
  8. Completely over the top but I do agree that the passenger obviously played a role in this. I think the sentance is over the top and I also dont agree with the ban! There needs to be much more consistancy in how people are sentanced in this country!
  9. Does look pretty cool... not too keen on the dark headlights though!
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