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  1. Thanks mate got the sump today nice bit of kit
  2. Hi pat give me a bell 07900955945 thanks
  3. 1. Pat_McCrotch 2. alex303 3. Dude VR6 4. iR6 5. aide 6. 3corsameal 7. 1xshaunx1 8. andy-g 9. 10. I will take one let me know your paypale thanks andy
  4. Hi dogger is the spoiler still on offer if so let me know please thanks andy
  5. Can anyone help would like to fit golf mk4 front breaks on my vr6 corrado will it work or should i forget it
  6. Thanks for the reply,are yours et20 and have you got any pics please thanks andy
  7. Hi folks new boy in town I have just got a vr6 lhd corrado and would like to get some new wheels. fund some 17 x 8 et20 would this work with some arch work please can someone help thanks andy
  8. Thanks for the help but i"ve been told to keep away for raceland manifold so i"am going to buy new
  9. Wonder if anyone can help me there is a vr6 manifold for sale of a mk3 will it fit a vr6 corrado 91 plate thanks Andy :scratch:
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