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  1. Should of mentioned mine is 2.0 8v
  2. Thanks Dox I've bought all the other bits spacers etc just couldn't figure outthe goodridge stuff for the front but knew the banjos were different from the standard ones
  3. I know there's threads on here already but I can't find the info I need. I've seen you need the MK2/3 to MK4 goodridge brake line conversion but I can only find them for the rear brakes. Are these the ones I need? I've got everything else ordered just need sort which lines I need now.
  4. Are you on Facebook? Maybe you could post pictures on the Facebook page or Corrado chat page? Forum send to of slowed down since the pages have been on Facebook
  5. Peacedub I've sent you a private message
  6. It's sperate like the VR6 not sure how to post a picture on here to show how it looks
  7. Hi if you're struggling to send pictures of the washer bottle on here my mobile number is 07446 815574 I'm on whatsapp if that helps?

  8. It's a 2.0 8v I'm converting. It's got a 9" servo and I've got an Ibiza stubby for clearance. I'll look into the teves20 thread. Thanks for the replies
  9. I've not posted any pics on here for a long time so not sure how it's done. I use the Facebook page most off the time nowadays. Think you have to go advanced on the reply to post a pic but not 100% sure
  10. Thanks look forward to seeing them. I'm in the process of b fitting a BAM engine in mine and want to move the washer bottle and expansion tank over to the of side
  11. st4stokie

    ABS upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded the ABS unit on their Corrado. I'm told the the MK3 golf one will fit (part no. 1H2614117B) with some modifications to the loom etc but I'm after a how to on it if possible. Can't find anything in the searches. Reason for this is I'm fitting a bam engine and want the brakes to back up the power increase. I'll be fitting bigger 312mm front and 256mm rears from the donor as well
  12. Thanks portent. This is my 6th rado but I've never known/seen how the gutter trim fits. Looks like I'll have to investigate the sunroof further
  13. Could anyone tell me how the roof gutter trims are fitted to the car please? I've got a leak that is soaking the ratchet on my drivers side seat belt. Which at first I thought was the rear quarter window or sunroof but I've adjusted the sunroof today to fit better (although the seal is quite old and worn) and I've had the window inspected by a widow fitter who said it was perfect but I've still a leak now dripping on to the rear inner wheel arch as well. All the drains on the sunroof are clear as I've poured water into them to check and the channels on the mech are dry when I put my fingers in there to feel if the water is running along them ok. It's driving me mad because I can't find where the water is coming from.
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