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  1. Hi guys. Haven't been on for a while so good to be back 🤘. I've recently purchased an early 92 vr in moonlight blue. 126k on the clock and almost all service history! The last owner had the car for over 20 years! It came into my dealership for an mot and failed miserably ! I hinted that I'd be interested in buying it if he wanted to part ways and 2 weeks later I handed over the cash 😊. It's a totally original and complete car. Which is nice! My plan is to restore it back to its former glory and sell it on as I've already got my aqua blue vr! (Possibly look at getting that G60 I've always wanted) Started by investigating the misfire and reason why it overheated on the fast idle test. Checked all plugs, leads, dizzy cap ect as previous owner had them changed about a year ago! All seemed ok but eventually found that cylinder 1 was at fault! It started and ran ok from cold but when I pulled cyl 1 plug when warmer there was no change! Also noticed that the coolant was dropping overnight! Decided to remove manifold to get a good look into the top end and on removal I found coolant sitting in the lower manifold on cylinder 1! Also when I removed the rocker cover there was a lovely green tint :/ Anyway... Long story short... The head gaskets blown! Removed the engine last weekend as I had a crane to hand! I want to clean the bay up and re-wrap all the wiring anyway so seemed the easiest way to go. Going to strip and repaint the block and gearbox to make it all look fancy.. Already got head gasket set and bolts and all timing bits to go on. Thought it was all going well untill I split the head and block and found really bad pitting in the block and the head! ☹️ Hopefully it's not as bad as it looks!
  2. Hey dude. Could I get one of these? Cheers Ben
  3. Blue vr6 in kempston, Bedfordshire. !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'll have these please dude, if still for sale? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Aww maaaaan. If I just had the money [emoji25] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Same as above, is this still for sale? :) Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Already spotted... But I got exited! R.E.D 2
  8. Benjevw


    UPDATE!!! I've finally finished building and fitting my wheels!!! And that's about it.... The car has been pretty much faultless apart from a slight misfire from time to time, which I cured yesterday with a new set of plugs. Had the manifold off for a clean while I was at it, along with the isv. Runs lovely now :) So I picked these up late last year, all in pretty bad condition. Faces were chipped and scratched, barrels badly corroded and centre nuts chiseled off!! Stripping them down was fun... Sheared a few bolts as they were so ceased! Even after being soaked in penetrating stuff for hours. One wheel turned out to be a 3 piece.... After a "very light" blasting. I had the centres powder coated by mint alloys in silsoe, Bedfordshire. The barrels (and lip) were ceramic polished by TRS in sherington, near Milton keynes. I decided to polish the fronts myself. After many, many hours i got them to a finish that was ok.. After many more hours I got them looking 'as good as possible'. I'll have them ceramic polished as well in the near future! New nuts and bolts. New billet centre caps and pins. Set me back a few quid but look the bo//ocks. Also finding originals was near on impossible. Splashed out on a set of continentals! 195/40/16 And now fitted. Still need to roll my arches and get it sitting right , but Im liking it.
  9. Benjevw


    me too! yeah ive still got her :) , still driving it daily! Its long overdue some love so hopefully ill get some time to get on here and update as I go :)
  10. Benjevw


    Hi guys I haven't been on here much lately because of changing jobs and forgetting my password! The estorils I got from a member on here have been fitted. She hit 150,000
  11. Spotted two in the last week or so! A green storm driving through kensworth near Dunstable. And one this morning at about 9 am in Woburn. You pulled out from the deer park road. I flashed and waved but probly looked like a wierdo as I was in the work van :) Ben
  12. Hi guys. It's now fixed thanks to a new ignition switch!! The old one was loose and didn't have that awkward screw in it so that made the whole thing a lot easier :) Popped the new one in and firmly cable tied it. It wasn't an oem part that came out so got a new one from TPS for £25 +vat. Started up strait away :) woooo Cheers for all the thoughts and advice guys. Ben
  13. Cheers for the advice guys. So this morning I turned the key and it started first time. Drove it up the road to put some fuel in and drove back with no problems! Once I got back I turned it off and left it a few minutes..... Tried it again and it just kept turning over and over. I can hear the fuel pump prime and the fuel pump relay clicks once. ( I did notice that the relay was hot to the touch within a couple of minutes if running) . Fiddled around with the distributor and coil for a minute then tried again and it started...... Turned it on and off a couple if times after that and it started every time as it should! I'm going to change the fpr just for peace of mind then ill report back. Cheers Ben
  14. I haven't had chance to check anything yet mate! Sounds like you had quite an ordeal with it, I guess I was looking for an easy fix lol Ill have a look tomorrow Cheers bud Ben
  15. Hi guys The other day my car decided to not start, I tried it a few times with no luck but then on the 5th or 6th time it started up fine! Drove home and turned it off and on again a few times with no problems but after I'd left it for a few hours it didn't want to start again! Now I'm at the point where it won't start at all! The car turns over but won't actually fire up! I've done a search and came back with the conclusion that it's either the ignition switch or the crank sensor! Can anyone shed any light on it as it can't stay on my girlfriends drive for too long lol. It's a dizzy (93') Vr6 btw Thanks in advance Ben
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