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  1. Bloody hell, been a while since the last update. Anyway, had to take the old girl in for her second MOT, and low and behold a week before the drivers door handle decides to retire. Anyway, with some faffing and help from Dave16v and a working handle fitted she was left in the hands of the garage. 3 hours later got the call and she flew through, only one advisory for a small oil leek around sump plug.( I told them I had done an oil change 20mins before I dropped her off so was decided it was just a bit of residule from that) 3,300miles since she was all bolted back together and bar the whole wheel/M4 incident has been wonderfully reliable. Just need to get the VVT sorted and then think about paint, but yeah all good to be fair. I'll put some pics up next couple of days as the new front seats have been fitted and the interior is looking rather swish. Such a fun car, do love the Corrado. Max,
  2. Just out of interest is this spoiler still for sale? Cheers Max
  3. Bs6VR6

    Drivers door handle

    Just to say as I already have a door repair kit I'm also interested in a broken drivers handle as long as it is only the striker that has snapped. Cheers
  4. Sod's law the handle breaks the week the MOT is due bought repair kit but alas it is another part that has snapped so in need of a drivers door handle pretty much yesterday, thanks in advance, Max,
  5. Hi Dave, no the drivers went on Monday and I've got a car show next weekend I need the MOT done by then so that's fine, I've got your details so I'll move the money over later his afternoon when I get home. I'll message you once it's done. Thanks mate.

  6. Hi Max,


    Yes I can help but I'm on my hols till Friday. I may be able to post them out Friday afternoon for guaranteed next day delivery but it's not cheap even for a small package. Price posted for both sides will be £40. Let me know.



  7. Hi it's Max had a few bits off you before... Desperately need both door handle repair kits for my mot next week!! Happy to pay whatever postage to receive then asap. Thanks and look forward to your reply.

  8. Hi it's Max had a few but off you before... Desperately need both door handle repairs for my mot next week! Happy to pay whatever postage to receive Asap. Thanks again and look forward to your reply.

  9. Thanks for the replies guys, have got most of it sorted now. Any other bits I need I'll post up. Thanks again. Max
  10. Hey, After moving house and other financial drains I'm finally looking to get he car finished this year, few bits I require, hoping you helpful lot may be able to facilitate. Passenger wing, late spec, will be rolling lips and painting but as rust free as possible would be nice. Parcel shelf strap, one of mine has split at the top. Grommet for door popper. Rear vw badge and corrado badge. Handbrake cover, not the bit you hold the bit that sits behind the handle and always pops up when you disengage the handbrake😉 Headlight switch, mines broke and taken all the dash illumination with it. Cash waiting, thanks guys. Max,
  11. Have to second the replacing it suggestion mate. Had exactly the same issue with mine, all was working fine, went to refit it a year later and a catalogue of issues trying to bleed it, first replaced the slave and still crap pedal, like yours soft and not returning correctly. Eventually bought a Delphi model off eBay, not the most expensive but certainly not the cheapest. Had the correct white plastic clip, so no need to replace pedal, bled it and bingo, perfect pedal straight away. Really not a hard job to replace. I would also do the feed line as well just to be sure. It's peace of mind, and you won't have to look at the system for years then. Mines been perfect since. Cheers
  12. I spoke too soon, thinking I got away with just a new driveshaft. Having noticed a very slight oil leak after getting the car home I decided to investigate yesterday and she was tight and leak free before the incident. It appears that during its travels to the garage and back they've somehow managed to dink the sump and being an alloy number a small crack has appeared. This is now allowing oil to weep out once warm. It's not leaking when cold so must need the pressure and thinner oil to occur. Not a happy bunny. Question, as Volkswagen want £250 for a new one what are my options, can it be welded? Will metal filler be sufficient? There is no hole, just a very small hairline crack. I know there lighter but why would VW do away with the steel ones on the original vr6 my old one was battered to hell and never failed me once. Any advice would be great guys. Cheers, Max,
  13. Right, quick update. Picked the car up this afternoon. The only damage was a few splines were shagged during transit onto and off the recovery truck. So garage fitted new driveshaft complete with new inner and outer cv joints. Only charged me cost for the part, no labour and didn't charge me for recovery from mine to garage so in total £148. I had to pay a £45 surchage as my old driveshaft was damaged. Car feels superb. No noises and that slight vagueness at high speeds has disappeared. Brilliant outcome considering, and if I'd had my wits about me and had tucked the driveshaft out the way probably would of been no damage at all. Considering what the other outcomes could of been I consider myself incredibly lucky. Lesson learnt. Got to give a shout out to Brunel tires in bristol. Been great throughout and were more than fair with sorting the issue considering the issue was ultimately from my installation. Hopefully back to enjoying the motor that apart from this episode has been completely reliable and wonderfully entertaining. Onwards and upwards indeed. Max,
  14. Hi there, sorry for the slow reply, only just seen your post. 07917 697262 the guys name is Richard, really nice bloke. Give him a tinkle and he'll sort you out. Just as an update, I've had no issue whatsoever with the set I bought after nearly 800miles. Well made, good quality and great customer service. Cheers, Max
  15. Could this of been part of the problem then? I've just checked on partsbase as you had me worrying but the vr6 has the plate with three captive nuts and it does indeed go on top with the bolts coming up from below. The garage who did the tracking also commented on this but I'm 100% sure he bolts come from below. The wishbone has if I remember two little tags to locate the plate in. Regarding which bolt to do first, all I can say is just triple check all three bolts are located through the relevant holes in the lower balljoint. I was sure it was right, and three garages didn't spot it, so clearly it can be put together in such a way it appears correct but is in effect only pinching the balljoint in place. Thanks for the support guys, I know mistakes can happen but it is still embarrassing to have done it and scary to think how bad the consequences could be. Both me and the car have had a very lucky escape.
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