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  1. I just had a look at your build thread and the car looks great, my first Corrado was Satin Silver and it's a still maybe my favourite colour. Regarding me doing the work you and many others have here I have to put my hand up and say I am just not capable of doing it to any kind of standard. I tend to rush things or use the wrong tools, bend and snap things and to be honest would end up doing more damage to the car than fixing it. Without a garage, tools and the skills to use them I am a disaster waiting to happen! I do now know though the key to long term Corrado ownership has to be a fair amount of mechanical knowledge as the likes of Vince at Stealth are getting rare now. My local garage put me on a guilt trip every time a take the car in. A lot to think about....
  2. That's very kind thank you. it would be great to have you look at the car and really welcome any advice on restoring her. We are also in north herts but on the other side of the country from you near Berkhamsted. Hopefully at some point next week I should get an mot and can go for a bit of a drive. Not sure if there is somewhere half way we could meet up for a coffee?
  3. I do prefer driving but not the stress of daily driving anymore. Personally I think the Corrado is the perfect car for a road trip and that kind of thing. We live in Hertfordshire and it's been many years since I have seen another Corrado being driven around here! In fact the last time it happened the guy followed me into B&Q's and we spent an hour or so chatting like old mates. I did wonder if it would be cheaper to take the car further away from London to have the work done to it.
  4. It's actually at the garage trying to get an mot. This is from a couple of years ago.get an mot at the moment.
  5. 22 years of more or less continuous Corrado ownership so I have put my time in and love them as much as anyone. No harm in sanity checking yourself every now and again though. I am happy to spend what I have but bills of 15 - 25k have to be thought about if you have a family. It was never about trying to make a profit but only get a feel for what the car could be worth all fixed up because if I spend all our savings and lose my job then it's got to be sold whether I like it or not.
  6. I have a bodywork guy coming to take a look at the car tomorrow. Once I have a price back then I will way up the odds of fixing up the car vs staying married!
  7. I only collected the stats in a way of trying to justify the spending to the wife! It was not meant to suggest a Storm is in any way better than the normal VR6 (as really it's just a couple of badges).... But based on the cars I looked at people do still seem to want more money for them.
  8. I have been costing out everything for mine which is pretty much all of the above and I think you are spot on with the estimates and at some stage every Corrado will need all of the above. It's hard to justify the cost which is why I tried to work out the cars value and on paper it still does not make sense to do a full restore unless you are luckly enough to own a low mileage Storm.
  9. Hi all, While trying to work out if the car was worth spending out on a respray I recorded all the sale prices, mileages, general condition (rough guide based on photos) of all Corrado's I could find for the past 6 months. This came to 28 Corrado VR6's, 9 of which were Storms. I then averaged everything out to the values below. Hope this helps anyone buying or selling. Corrado VR6: Average year = 1994 Average mileage = 132,246 Average condition = 6/10 Average price = £9,027 Corrado VR6 STORM : Average year = 1996 Average mileage = 129,405 Average condition = 8/10 Average price = £16,250 Corrado's.xlsx
  10. The only way it's subjective is if you drive so slowly that it does not matter which tyres you use. Take a bend at a decent speed with the Toyo's and the sidewalls collapse and flex making the car dangerous at high speed.
  11. Sorry not quite sure what you are trying to say. My last Corrado was setup by Vince at stealth and we spent 2k on the suspension, on re002 the car handled perfectly and yet was still very comfortable. I also tried Toyo proxies the xl ones that are meant to be a bit stiffer. They were the worst tyres I have ever used in 20 years of driving a Corrado, actually they were dangerous and I took them off after less than 200 miles. The tyres I recommended are a good replacement for the Bridgestones and a big step up from the Toyo proxies.
  12. Hi All, As said before 15" tyre options in 2019 are pretty limited. It's a shame as after 20 years in 3 Corrado's I am convinced the car rides best on the stock tyre size. The best tyres in this size in my opinion over the years were the Bridgestone RE002's which they stopped making a couple of years ago. Since then I have been searching for a good replacement but in this size for good handling you need a stiff sidewall and most of the suggestions don't have one. I don't drive the car like the classic car it now is but more as I always have (very hard). The good news is I had 4 tyres fitted on Saturday that seem as good as the Bridgestones (great handling, grip and comfort). They are Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 205/50 R15 V and are roughly £60 or £80 fitted. Anyway hope this helps someone out. cheers Paul
  13. Thanks mate. I tried Toyo proxes and it felt like the car had marshmallows on! Do the Uniroyal Rainsports have stiff sidewalls?
  14. Hey guys, Just bought another Corrado and want to stay with 205/50/r15. Always had re002 in this size but in 2019 tyre options seem a bit limited. Are there any good tyres left in this size preferably with a sidewall stiffness the same as the re002's?
  15. That's impressive, I always liked the Supra. My other car is a Honda s2000 and there is a guy on the forums with well over 300k on that (hard to believe the way the engine screams). I would have thought it's possible to get 300k out of the Corrado.
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