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  1. cheers brett the 330s great so far i love x5 wheels whats the spec on the ones you were running and what tyres? and what bushes should i be checking first i have no noises from the prop shaft bushes also the klutch alloys were 16x9 and 16x8 but didnt know the et
  2. i have no doubt it will be mate just the corrado doesnt fit my current situation i think ill be having a g60 at some point
  3. well after selling the corrado wanted something newer that was better on the motorway i settled on this a 2002 bmw 330ci sport with cream leather interior and only 79,000 miles it has all the extras sports seat,cruise control,air con etc. Overall im very pleased with it enjoying the silky smooth straight six and simple stuff like wipers and headlights that work lol. it manages 37mpg on the motorway aswell theirs a few niggles such as a missing headlight washer and a scuff on the bumper however i do miss the steering feel of the corrado and the exclusivity i know its not a corrado but i thought someone might have wondered what ive got and i missed the forum anyway if theirs any bmw fans you may like it
  4. wbx6dan the wheels are packaged and ready to go but i need a phone number for the courier in order to organise colllection please can you contact me asap with this that would be great thanks Ross easy pops i havent forgotton i will get that price sorry
  5. yeh pickup sunday is fine preferably earlier rather than later easy pops if you still want the rocker cover i will get you a postage price in the morning if thats ok as im going out in a sec
  6. here some pics of the rocker cover heres some pics of the parcel shelf could do with a good clean but its good condition
  7. nope the parcel shelf is all good mate ill get some pictures give me a minute
  8. wbx6 dan sent you a pm and wheel adaptors are sold aswell
  9. alright mate sounds like the wheels are sold ill send over the payment details and get them packed up for you thanks ross
  10. they do have a small dish but its not massive do you want anymore pictures
  11. no wheel doesnt loose pressue and hasnt been an issue since ive had it but it is noticeable yeh i can knock the adaptors of the price how does 180 pound without the adaptors sound or 200 pound shipped the centre caps are just plain and could do with painting i would rather sell them without the adaptors
  12. this pic shows the side profile and how deep dish they are
  13. here is a pic of every wheel just let let you know if you want to put them on a vr you will most likely need rolled arches
  14. their dished ill upload a pic of every wheel for you i can do 265 pound shipped so ill pay half the shipping does that sound fair let me know asap as everyone is after the adapters but would rather sell them all together thanks Ross
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