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  1. Hi, apologies for hijacking the thread, but ive been having similar issues with the same report in VAG COM regards the engine speed sensor. I unplugged the MAF to see how that was, but with the MAF unplugged the engine wouldn't start? Any thoughts to point me in the right direction?
  2. Hi, I've got no illumination for the heating controls panel on my VR6, on inspection i've found the bulb missing. Could anyone point me in the right direction for a correct replacement bulb for the fitting please?
  3. Hi, I had my car MOT'd a couple of months back, in order to get it through its MOT they had to bodge the ABS light to get it working. Afterwards I found out they'd done this by running a wire from what I assume to be the 12v connection on a relay slot between relays 18 and 21 on the relay board behind the fuse board. I've now taken this wire off, as I want to do it right, however the spoiler hasn't been working since they bodged the ABS light. I've searched on here and it seems the Spoiler control relay is located just above the fuse board and think I can see it with the dash surround out to the right of the dash. Could you look at the first 2 pics and see if you recognise it so I know i've got it right or not? Also i've noticed a white plug above the fuse board that doesn't seem to be connected to anything and wondered if any of you can help identify what it should be connected to?
  4. For the wipers it's just 2 MK1 TT Drivers side arms and blades, got the info off here. Can't remember the cost as I got them a while ago. May have to bend the drivers side to help with alignment - need to look at mine as the drivers side touches the side of the window when on constant operation.
  5. Couple of pics posted in the members gallery. Pic from the back shows how shockingly dirty the car is... :oops:
  6. Hi, Thought i'd post a couple of pics of my VR6 which i mentioned in my post in the newbies section. As I mentioned it needs a lot of work doing to it, but i've had other things to concentrate on until now. So far all i've done is to fit the TT wipers and change the front discs and pads. Need to do the rear brakes, but looking to do the Mk4 rear brake upgrade. I know the car needs a really good clean. Unsure whether to bother trying to get it detailed (i've never done any of that myself before) or just save up and get it resprayed at some point when the rest is done. I know it's had a partial respray before. Forgot to mention, the damage to the slam panel and the front bumper were entirely my fault, momentary lapse of concentration going out off the night shift. Got a new slam panel, just need to get it painted and then fitted.
  7. Hi, Thought id stop by, I got myself a '92 VR6 late last year with a view to bringing it unto scratch, looked at the info regarding what to look for. Got the car an Aqua blue VR6 with 78k on the clocks. All running fine, kew that the body work needs work to bring it unto scratch, but wasn't worried about that so long as the heart of the car and the mechanicals for the most part were ok. Have to say 6 months on and the car still runs well and sounds devine can't beat the sound of the VR6 I think. Will be looking at a new exhaust at some point, but have a list of things to do before then - haven't done anything to it as yet as i've just been focusing on selling house and looking for somewhere new. Now that the house is all but sold i'm hoping to divert attention to getting the car up to a good standard. Now that i've been using it as my daily driver for the past 6 months i've noticed a few things that I should have spotted when i first looked at the car, badly fitting trim in parts (around the dash) and need to change the brakes - but that won't be news to the knowledgeable on here. I'm hoping to do the Mk4 rear brake upgrade to the rear, though not sure about the front yet. I'll hopefully get some pics up this afternoon as the rain seems to be holding off for 5 mins so might be able to get some pics taken. Please don't be too critical as I know it needs a damned good clean inside and out. I've a couple of areas where I need help / advice but i'll post those questions in the relevant section.
  8. Is there a particular point at which you need to get the chains changed? I've been toying with giving stealth a call to get the chains changed and head done. Maybe with other items worth doing at the same time when I know what I should be getting done. Car although running alright rattles a bit when cold, and needs a lot of work doing to it - but be good to start with its heart.
  9. I'm in Manchester, but don't mind travelling a bit to get a decent one. Budget around £3k
  10. Hi, Just thought i'd say hi, i've been browsing the forum for a little while. I'm a long time fan of the Corrado but haven't yet had one. Hopefully that'll change soon as i'm on the look out for a VR6. Here's hoping I have some joy in finding a decent one and see where it takes me.
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