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  1. http://biareview.com/ http://anztheme.com/ dịch vụ thành lập doanh nghiệp tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán trung tâm kế toán t trước mặt này mà thấy thụ sủng nhược kinh. Cô nàng này cướp đồ của người khác thì nhanh chứ có khi nào học kiểu... mua bán lỗ vốn thế này?

    Hắc long tiểu thư bộc lộ bộ mặt thật ngay trong câu nói tiếp theo: "Ặc, lão bản, ngài xem đến khi nào thì chúng ta tính toán tiền công còn nợ?"

    Quả nhiên là như thế, Trần Duệ cười: "Được, nếu như rảnh rỗi..."

    Đại thúc hiền lành dường như vô cùng bất mãn với thái độ thân thiện cùng nam nhân khác của con gái, liền ngắt lời: "Olivia, con cầm ba mươi vạn mua đồ gì vậy, mang ra cho cha xem một cái được không?"

    "Gì cơ?" Olivia "hình như" không nghe rõ liền

  2. Looking good with the tt wheels mate! hope the g60 went to a good home. lol
  3. Mate that is one sweet rado!!!! Really need to get a corrado again it's doing my head in!!!!
  4. Furki mate your car is looking well sweet!!! nice one.
  5. Yeah the later models should have metal regulator clips the early one's had plastic, had one go on me! now have a new reg which comes with metal clips! Also one thing to check is the maf this tends to be a common problem, new maf is about £65 for Bosch one.AFAIK the Pd150's had the sports suspension not sure about the 130. Best bet is get some Eibach springs with Billes B4's shockers these work very well and retain comfort. Door's can suffer from dropping on 3 dr model has the doors are quite heavy! Apart from that great cars get a remap too mate can't go wrong!
  6. lLooking good mate! wheels are different form the norm, sure you don't want to sell it back to me!
  7. :) Now thats what im talking about! That is spot on mate! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  8. Ok mate my mistake! :oops: Last time mine was on the rollers it put out 156bhp and 262lb.ft torque. Like you say really is amazing how quick diesels are these days! Never thought i'd have one let alone like it!!!
  9. [[/quote Your welcome to come and have a go mate.... My mate at work has one and TWICE on the local dual carriageway I pull away from him slowly :lol: 306 handles the best. Mine's not standard mate! :lol:
  10. Want to have a go at mine mate? it's only a 110 bhp cough cough!
  11. :lol: Glad your happy mate!!! cold days are so much fun, but your gonna need that fmic in the summer mate!
  12. Well i gave my k&n panel filter to my brother who has a k-jet 16v golf fitted fine! i would of thought the air box is the same on the rado is it not?
  13. Second thoughts! looks like the window is up! must be the light. :roll:
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