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  1. Hi all just been flicking through my profile page and came across a u tube vid i uploaded from the 25th anniversary day at castle comb and it got me thinking how many of the owners who attended still have their cars from that great day. I still have mine
  2. still for sale cannot upload picture email me if interested
  3. That’s a lovely story My eldest wouldnt go anywhere near mine,too old and green in color . It gives me 6 years to get it on the road though for the youngest prom though. Good thoughts
  4. Evening everybody Rather a vague post earlier but heres an update. After owning my corrado for around 6 years now I have decided to let someone else enjoy it. I have ventured out in it only a handful of times. The most memorable being castle comb for the 25 anniversary meet. After taking it off the road for winter 2 yrs ago I have never put it back on. This means there is no M.O.T. And so I am selling it as a project car for someone else. There are a number of things already done to the car such as a long life stainless exhaust from the cat backwards, an updated wiring headlight loom,SWG scuttle cover, Lupo wipers so it’s well worth a look if anyone is interested.It is Classic green and surprise surprise the sunroof is in need of attention. The engine has 153k or there abouts and runs well. If anyone is interested just message me. One last thing it was in the calendar produced by the corrado club for the month of January 2017 which I also have. I would like somebody who has a passion for the corrado to have first choice hence why I have put it up on the forum first. There are some pictures in my profile but I can post more at the weekend. Haven’t thought about a price just yet but I think in the region of a thousand pound. I’m sure someone will be understanding.
  5. Check mine out current out of mot maybe what your looking for check my listings
  6. Was the wishbone easy to come by or did you refurb it
  7. new battery on and put up for sale item number 1176805606 gumtree
  8. Hi folks after 4 years of ownership it saddens me to say I am putting up for sale my rado. Its a 2.0 ltr 16v in green. It has 156k on the clock and has Mot until August.During my ownership I have put roughly 3k on it in the 4 years I have owned it. It has passed Mot ever year with ease. In 4 years I have fitted a long life stainless exhaust from the cat back. Replace the radiator. Replaced the radiator fan housing with a powder coated one.New expansion bottle, up rated the headlight loom headlight switch, plus other bits and pieces. I want this car to go to someone on the forum who will care for it like I have. I would love to keep it but as I have lost my garage I don't want it to sit on the drive just wasting away. The body work is fairly good with just a few rust spots. The rear spoiler work as it should. I had fixed the sun roof with new parts but it has let me down again. I have various parts that will go with her . Bonnet foam heater back light kit plus more If anyone is interested I can send them photos and chat more about it. Now the price, I would like £1500 and I think it's worth more but won't it to go to someone on here. Any one interest just pm me. Thanks for reading. If you have a corrado club calendar from 2015 it the car for January Thanks all. lupo wipers swg scuttle cover
  9. It wouldn't harm to ring them with your order and negotiate at the end of it,no discount no order
  10. Yeah man lets go out to play:cheers:
  11. There not all dead buddy mines just waiting for the rain to stop so it can go out and play
  12. Stunning mate At least you'll know how to fix the rear spoiler if it goes wrong lol
  13. Welcome along buddy fantastic scenery where in Gods country was that taken looks like Bala to me
  14. Series 12 episode 17 9pm discovery 10pm discovery+1 Tuesday 12.00am discovery 1am discovery+1
  15. nice colour welcome buddy yes another s.Wales corrado
  16. Your one lucky guy waking up to that every morning, he'll you must feel good everyday
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