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  1. Good to know :thumbleft:
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Golf-Ibiza-5x100-PCD-full-size-spare-wheel-with-205-45-16-Bridgestone-tyre-/192151581976?fits=Model%3AGolf%7CPlat_Gen%3AMK+IV&hash=item2cbd207518:g:ai0AAOSww3tY6Agn
  3. If you've got a VR6 then any Mk4 golf space saver is 5x100 and you can get 16" and the tyre is at least ten years newer. If you're 4x100 then look at Polos etc. :)
  4. I'm pretty sure if the sender or the connection had gone the bulb would be illuminated constantly as it would show as a fault.
  5. Hey Matt, Still awaiting mine, You got tracking info?
  6. Pennies sent. You sir are awesome for organising this! :)
  7. Hi I don't know the car personal it was for sale on eBay a few weeks back I was trying to get the funds together to buy it off Aaron the owner anyway it's a long shot if you decide to sell up please can you give me first shout.thanks lee

  8. All that glitters is not gold, Those pics you posted sure do open your eyes to the real condition. Such a shame... Way WAY overpriced IMHO! For that money you could buy a nice solid VR6 and completely rebuild it and know it's all good. Nice to see a ceiling price beyond anything I've seen before though!
  9. I don't know how much of a doddle it'll be on mine as it's had a "temp fix" done to it by a garage under a previous previous owner... Involves what can only be described as wire finger nooses wrapped in fish tank air hose and a very dodgy grill removal to access it!! But always happy to pop over and give you something to laugh at and maybe a couple of pointers in how to fix!
  10. Do you offer a fitting service? lol
  11. I'm presuming this is for a VR6? If so check out this... http://www.42draftdesigns.com/mk3-vr6-pcv-fix/
  12. Mine just went for another shakedown to see what's needed this weekend, Covered just under 70 miles flawlessly then when I got home the temp started creeping up to 110, I'm wondering if it's thermostat or second stage fans. Either way it'll be a day laid on the drive to find out!
  13. They're standard seats with fishnets put in place of the OEM headrests, Look kinda cool but not my taste. Will sort a pic....
  14. Sorry I didn't specify they're fabric.
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