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  1. http://biareview.com/ http://anztheme.com/ dịch vụ thành lập doanh nghiệp tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán trung tâm kế toán i giỏi nhất mà ta từng thấy, không thể mai một ở nơi này. Có lẽ, ta còn để nàng trở thành phi tử của mình, giúp ta đản sinh ra những huyết mạch ưu tú nhất."

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  2. This is my girlfriend's clipper, she is the second lady owner and it is her pride and joy! :)
  3. Might be the linkage? Do a search on club gti - you should find the answer there. :)
  4. I take it you mean power output 40w x4 not 40w x2 ? 2 channels for front speakers and 2 channels for back speakers. Probably round about 60 watts x4 rms would be good for those speakers. 40w is a bit low if those figures you qoute are rms. :)
  5. thanks mate I'll try this tomorrow :)
  6. Hi, disconnected my battery earlier and have now lost code on radio - now displays "safe mode". I know the code but not sure how to enter it. Anyone any ideas :?:
  7. No Greggs is the bakery mate!! My name is Gregor but greegs has been a nickname for about 15 years and kind of stuck. KARMANN that's a fine looking car you've got there looks like my weekly wash and polish has paid off. It's looking really good hope it's going OK.
  8. greegs

    My new VW

    Thanks for comments guys. Unfortunately due to various reasons including struggling with the LHD I am going to be putting car up for sale in the next few weeks. It will have a years MOT and 6 months tax and is a very nice example but it has to go and it is now back on BBS RM's. Any interest send me a PM.
  9. My golf G60 oil temp sits around 96-104 and my oil pressure gauge reads about 5.5 bar max (whatever that is in psi). Are you sure you have not connected your oil pressure to the rev counter :!:
  10. greegs

    My new VW

    Thanks, it may be for sale in the next few months if I am still struggling with this left hand drive caper. It used to be owned by Willie Skelton who runs the fife region club gti meetings.
  11. greegs

    My new VW

    Hi, sold my Corrado VR6 to KARMANN from the forum on the 18th of December, the plan being to buy a cheap run around and then get a Golf mk4 gt tdi in spring. Well just over 24 hours after selling my VR (serious withdrawal symptoms) I saw a golf G60 advertised on PVW website, turned out to be only 15 miles from me, went to have a look and bought it there and then!! It's a G60 oettinger factory tuned (supposedly only a few oettinger tuned in country), stage 4 charger, electric recaros, supersprint exhaust etc. 215bhp-Quick car but the constant wet weather in scotland means I mostly wheelspin-even in 3rd! Struggling a bit with the left hand drive but I'll see how I get on. I've included some pics below;
  12. £55 is that all? Might put one on my golf then. Will I notice much difference performance wise?
  13. Yep it was ! Look after it Fraser. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  14. Send a PM to toohot his mate had a nice one for sale a few weeks ago, not sure if he still has it though :)
  15. Synta silver semi synthetic about £15 for 5 litres from dealer :D
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