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  1. Other | mystic blue | cardiff Price: £5000 ono Description: Corrado storm with 24v 4motion engine from a 2003 golf, 64000 miles on engine 140000 on chassis, paint and wheels recently refurbished, immaculate condition, full heated leather contact [email protected], selling due to pregnancy
  2. does everybody agree we should start a meet? lets do this!
  3. hi guys, would any of you know if these will fit my 95 storm? Bilstein B14 Coilover Suspension Kit for VW Golf Mk3 VR6 ,currently on ebay. many thanks
  4. We ended up going to bvf, had a great time, couldnt get into dubs in the castle, a few friends of ours went and they said there was a spate of thefts.
  5. the police spoke to 4 vw master techs who told them i wouldnt have known about the car being faulty. they obviously didnt like that so they took a statement from a 5th engineer told him a different story and that i was racing and hurt people (which is bollocks) so under durress he signed a wittness statement. the guy obviously found out through his buddies he had been tricked and wanted to retract it, but it wasnt used in court anyway. i am fuming, this guy is a seargant aswell. im taking it further so watch this space.
  6. were are going to dubs in the castle this weekend, she,s taking her storm and im taking my t5 pickup if anybody wants to join us. lee havent seen you yet you must be 5 miles away!
  7. I was behind the glass incase i did a runner i guess. i cant really say to much about it but if anybodys going to dubs in the castle i,ll fill you in.
  8. the dampener was half there case. i was behind bullet proof glass for 4 days, i was bricking it. Its all about low and slow! thanks for your help, you going to dubs in the castle this weekend?
  9. Hi, i know a few of you have been very helpfull and interested in my crown court case, heres a little gem from the prosecution Prosecuter morris Mr Decaro you were driving a vw corrado that was 20 years old g60 with a aftermaket twin screw supercharger, gas flowed cylinder head, uprated injectors,custom water cooled recircllating system, superchip, lightened clutch and flywheel, forge piston rings, lowered suspension, 18inch alloys wheels, tarox drilled brakes and you expect us to beleive that you werent speeding? Thats right mr morris i wasnt..... Why mr decaro, why werent you speeding? Cos i had no fuel in the car mr morris and i was only getting 8 miles to the gallon. Subsequently i was found not guilty by 12 jurors of dangerous driving and driving without due care. Had a great barrister and independent crash investigator, top blokes if anybody ever needs help like this i wouldnt hesitate to pass on there details. The police even tried using fabricated evidence!
  10. whats everybody doing sunday 11th? fancy meeting at fontagerry near barry around noon?
  11. Me to, i desperate to meet up with one of you, i need to measure the distance between the driveshaft and the bottom of the sump on a g60 or similar, long story! its for a pending court case im in, in crown in to weeks!
  12. HI all, does anybody have a g60, 1.8 or 2.0 in the south wales area?
  13. when i was off recovering we ended up selling it on ebay to a vw master tech guy from hereford area, actually got more for it than what we paid for it and it was shaped like a banana!, gave him a spare lysholm charger aswell, such a shame it was a great car. just got a vr6 storm with a 4 motion coversion from a member on here, (abdul) really nice bloke and what a car!

  14. Will definately be going this year, had a great time last year. be bringing the corrado and the t5 pickup, see you there!
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