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  1. Sold Trimsport May 2013. Please contact new owners via http://www.trimsport.co.uk

  2. I have one brand new storm badge left, this is an exact replica of the original, I will not be getting anymore its on eBay for £23.00 posted I will take £20 posted from forum member, please email [email protected] or PayPal £20 to [email protected] Thanks
  3. Please pay with PayPal to [email protected] thanks ---------- Post added at 9:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 9:18 PM ---------- If anyone is interested I also have the supercharged badge in silver, can email pics if required thanks
  4. Hi guys I'm welling up here with your kind words!! All joking aside I'm the one selling them on eBay ( my wife's account) but will let anyone on here have them for £20 posted as with all trimsport products if your not happy with the quality a full refund will be given :-)
  5. Yes I have a few let me know if you want any
  6. Ok how do I post pictures?
  7. I have a limited supply of storm badges available, these are exact replicas £23.00 posted, email me if interested [email protected] thanks
  8. I hear you would have to look into tooling costs, I do have storm badges if anyone interested
  9. I have a new batch of red supercharged badges for sale exact replica of original, if anyone is interested please contact me thanks, price £18 posted. [email protected]
  10. The problem in making the badges is the high cost of the tooling, I would have to be very confident I could sell a at least 100 to cover cost of tooling, there are lots of badges I would like to make :-(
  11. Hi I do have the red vr6 rear in the same style as the 16v golf badge, do you mean that one?
  12. Hi guys I have taken on board your request for the CORRADO script badge in chrome, the problem is the tooling is quite expensive and would have to produce at least 100+ to make it worth while, but will consider it! Thanks to anyone who bought the supercharged and storm badges ;-)
  13. Hi folks I have the original size red storm badges available exact replicas of the originals, I also have half size ones for glove box, large £22 and small £12.00 all free postage if interested PayPal to : [email protected] I also have supercharged badges available cheers Lance
  14. Thanks again for all the kind comments my dad enjoyed the vw scene it was a big part of his life, I also feel lost not doing the shows, it's not just a club it's a family, thanks neil for the payment PayPal gift is fine to [email protected] or the above address both are fine, will be getting the trimsport website up soon! Cheers guys
  15. Hi all I also have the original size corrado storm badges £22 or half size ideal for glove box for £12 all with free postage, PayPal to: [email protected] with address if interested thanks Lance
  16. Hi guys thank you everyone for your kind comments my father would appreciate it, I won't be able to post any badges untill the weekend as I'm away but if anyone wants to order please PayPal to: [email protected] I will do free postage, please include your address I have a large red and silver, can also supply medium in both colours I can also supply the "storm" badges original size £22 or half size £12.00 ;-)
  17. Hi yes been off the radar for a while due to my father Maurice passing away in 2009, i still hold a lot of stock and putting feelers out, been off the scene a while and trying to get my finger back on the pulse i met so many nice people at the shows and made a lot of friends too
  18. Hi folks i still have some stock of new large red supercharged badges,200mm these are exact replicas of the original vw item, anyone who has bought from Trimsport will know the quality, i also have them in silver and medium size 150mm red or silver £16.00 original size or £12.00 for medium, please email or call Lance 07885661680 for any questions
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