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  1. Thanks. I have to change the tailgate next as its rotted along the bottom seam. Then the drivers door as its also rotten along the vertical shut. All the bits Ive managed to track down in colour. (Front wings already replaced with an Ebay bargain) It will be looking like a sherry pearl jigsaw by the time I've finished. It has a 1z Passat B4 engine, Decatted exhaust fitted with FMIC and remapped ECU so it runs about 128 BHP and loads of torques. Still gets 55mpg as well! I'm in the process of going VNT and bigger injectors by building an AFN clone first.
  2. Washed now!! Looks good from that distance
  3. stuarttaylor37

    vr6 crossmember

    B4 Passat tdi cross member is the same as Corrado VR6 and often much cheaper
  4. I'll take them first class please Pm me your paypal and I'll sort payment now
  5. Hi What would it be posted please?
  6. Thanks. I don't suppose you have a link do you? I'm about to do the same and think it looks well smart.
  7. Looks smart, how did you do the logos?
  8. Sadly they I believe they went out of business years ago
  9. I've got a new one of the original D and G relay kits somewhere in the loft that I've never got round to fitting that has a smart aluminium box to house the relays
  10. My drive is sloped too. It still happened to mine even with those buffers in place. Worth keeping an eye on as those battery bags dont look wet even when they are sodden.
  11. Not so useful if your car is stored/parked outside, water runs down the channel on the wing and drips on to the battery blanket. This then absorbs the water and remains wet. The relays placed inside will eventually corrode and short out. Well they did on mine, I have since put mine in a small plastic container in front of the battery and had no issues since.
  12. Hi Could I have two complete sets please ie to do two cars Thanks
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brand-New-OE-Quality-Corrado-E-Code-Headlight-Plug-Connector-Wiring-Terminals-/322012821152?fbclid=IwAR1UMyD_X_ggaFrw0XIDGdUX3CImoruYy1rdgP8q5w_at-hhdDuhXQUemZI
  14. Thanks for the info although malware bytes and bitdefender wont allow connection to the second link
  15. Don' suppose you have a link or anymore info please?
  16. Not a lot of room under a Corrado seat, I'm not sure whether there would be enough space to fit a sub unless the seats were in a relatively high position. I think you would be better off fitting a small active sub in the boot (it wont need a massive powerwire) and losing the rear 6x4 speakers for a better soundstage.
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