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  1. Thats where my skills level started, there is always places to start and a Corrado is decent one! Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  2. Hi, Have a little look at my build thread, think from about page 5 it starts the R32 Conversion. My mate does engine conversions for a living, can sort you his number if you are interested? He helped me through the process of the conversion (along with others on here). The conversion itself is reasonably straight forward but quite pricey, the engine can set you back 1K to 1.5K on its own! There is plenty of great guys on here who are willing to help with advice etc if you choose to do the build yourself, I had plenty of really good help from here! I am so glad that I went R32, speed and soundtrack!
  3. Sent you a message buddy! Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  4. Heres my photos people, sorry not many, i had very little battery on the saturday! Feel free to copy, save, use or whatever else you want with them... Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  5. WHAT A WEEKEND!!! had an awesome time guys and gals and thank you to every one for making it as good as it was! was great to meet some of the guys I have spoken to on here and seeing all those Corrado's in one place was amazing! I will get some pics up soon... (p.s if you cant put a face to my name - I am the annoying little sh!t who was revving in the corner!)
  6. Cant wait for this now, had a great day out today at fueled society harewood hillclimb and buzzing for the VW Festival weekend! Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  7. No power to cylinder 1 2 and 3, got power over to them and they run perfectly! Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  8. Oh yeah!!!! That R32 sound!!! https://vimeo.com/177161274 Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  9. perfect thanks again Sean, Will give it another go tomorrow following your instructions :-)
  10. Nice one, cheers dude, i have put the car back down on the wheels so she isnt in the air anymore which might help too Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  11. Thats what i was hoping...we unplugged 1 2 and 3 which didnt change the engine tone at all whilst running, then 4 5 and 6 did change it. Swapped the coil packs across from 4 5 and 6 into 1 2 and 3 and same problem. A mate is coming up later with a multi meter to check we are getting power up to the first 3 as the second 3 are fine. All spark plugs and coilpacks are working fine which i suppose is a good thing, but now i need to work out whats happening with the wiring! On the plus side, pretty much got her back together again! Also, what is the best way to bleed the coolant system? I am running waterless coolant and trying to get rid of all the air from the system Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  12. Aaaaaaaaaaand the next problem.....what i thought was the missfire is actually worse, i have no spark on 1 2 and 3, only 4 5 and 6. Will this ever come together??? Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  13. Well fingers crossed this is the fix dude! not long till VW now to get cars all sorted out Hoping to run mine up to temp tomorrow with the coolant prep fluid in, then if that all goes well, fill with coolant and see what happens, think I have a misfire so hopefully that will be a simple spark plug swap out...
  14. That sounds your best option if you are not too happy with removing the outer yourself. My outer wasn't sealed in so I am able to pull it out and put it back in if needed... I was in a similar position to you though, I broke the screen removing it, sent it in for paint before getting the windscreen guys out. Auto Windscreens of Leeds turned up, and the one guy on his own fitted my screen with no issues at all - I did explain how complex the Corrado screen is to fit when I arranged it on the phone and they assured me I would get someone who had previously fitted into a Corrado. As you will know act quickly on the bubbles as it gets nasty very quickly indeed!
  15. bad times dude...Mine was bubbling up there too and was caused by the previous windscreen that was fitted, they didn't run the sealant all the way across. Instead they just put big splodges of the stuff on so the water got in and just sat in between the splodges and eventually ate my paint away, it is on my build thread with the pictures (page 4 onto 5) Can you take the outer rubber off from around the windscreen to get a better look inside to see if it is worse in certain places?
  16. is that the last part replacement possible now? surely you have been through everything else! hope you get it sorted dude
  17. Im trying Phil! But every hurdle i get over opens a new one up! I think all the coolant system is now sorted. We bled the brakes and clutch yesterday but that took about 3 hours too...after much investigating and strippi g down my brake system again, we gound that the prong from the brake servo that goes into the master cylinder was 3mm too long and basically closed the master cylinder when fitted which stopped is from being able to bleed properly! Dreading what i find next now... Hows your stsering coming together or am ilikely to get shot for mentioning "steering"?? :-) Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  18. Well i thought over the last couple of days i wouldnt be making it! Fibgers crossed all is well! Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  19. Right its been a pretty mixed couple of days...coolant leak! I thought i had a coolant leak from where the crack pipe joins the thermostat housing so i reseated it a couple of times but still had a leak. So, thought it best to strip stuff down to have a proper look and managed to snap one bolt and thread another Sorted new bolts out and put it all together with a little bit of sealant round it but again it leaked...getting cross with it by this point with some choice words! Decided to look at the downpipe whilst i calmed down a bit! Feeling better as that went on well, i went back to the coolant....front end off this time! This is wear it gets more complicated...this issue was not where i thought it was between the thermostat and crack pipe, it was what i think is where the chain housing meets the block. When i put the thermostat housing bolts in, they went in too far and caused a gap to form between the two (pictures will explain it better). I have now cut down the bolts a little more abd also found that i didnt have a bolt keeping the two metal parts together. Put a little sealant in and bolted it back up. I have now put nearly everything back together again and tested the pipes so far with no leaks (keeping the fingers crossed). So tomorrow all going well i can try to run up to temp at last! Massive thanks to switfkid, russ and woody for helping me with it! I was just about done with it all this morning! Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  20. I might be heading up friday morning too so can help out if needed...there will be a few of us! Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  21. Do you have a layout for the display in mind? Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  22. Still waiting for parts to arrive! Hopefully not long to go! I now have working front and rear washers with the boot instal and put a better stearing wheel on! Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  23. Was waiting for that comment.... Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
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