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  1. i think silver so they are ultra shiny or make a bold statement with a mental colour!!
  2. sounds awesome!! they are ET32 on the fronts and ET28 on the rears :D
  3. well i bought the wheels and car in the same week haha :D the front mud flaps have been taken off as we had to take the inner arch liners out so we could lower the front a bit more, so i think when i i get my arches rolled the backs will come off too but not sure yet...
  4. Awesome, what you putting in it? not like all the time, only when the roads bumpy and going fast but then again its not overly low atm to prevent it.. had to grind down the front brake caliper carriers to fit the 8s on lol
  5. yeah mine are 17x9 on the rears and 8s on the front, need my arches rolled as its not low enough!! errm yeah should be there, what about you?
  6. Thanks very much!! :thumb right:
  7. i LOVE them but does take a lot of polishing lol!! ---------- Post added at 7:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 7:03 PM ---------- Your car looks really nice and those wheels are superb. where abouts are you in Essex ? yeah was at Prept the other night.. im from Colchester, where are you guys based?
  8. hello, yeah we were @ Prept the other night! based in Colchester where you guys from?
  9. Well hello everybody!! Ive recently bought my first dub after owning a few fast cars already but wanted something a little bit different and something i could play about with, my boyfriend has been a dubber for years so this enabled me to get a car that i idolise!! Sooo this is the story of my Corrado VR6 Storm so far... There was lots of Storms about when i started my search but most of them were Dragon Green with cream leather interior however, i was after a Mystic Blue one with black leather and this is what i bought.. It came with; lots & lots of history from day 1! factory fitted leather, heated, electric Recaros Jetex stainless steel exhaust K & N panel filter Magnecor HT leads Weitec coilovers Crystal red and tinted rear lights de-badged colour coded grille polybushed wishbones powder coated (grey) standard BBS solitude wheels HID's (poorly fitted) Since then ive fitted a BMC carbon canister Been to Redditch to pick up my Schmidt TH-Lines 17x8s & 9s on the rear with 205/40 Falken ZIEX ZE 912 all round Shes also had; my personal plate put on (M155 VLE) HID's re wired new gearbox mount bottom ball joints fitted a decat pipe wound down coilovers another 40mm all round (wait til i get those arches rolled!!) new chrome side repeaters fitted my Alpine XDI stereo Soundstream AMP (800watts RMS) MTX 10inch Sub treated the leather interior and of course lots & lots of polishing.. Also in that pic is my boyfriends current project MK2 VR6.. Next on my list; clean engine bay polish and detailing arches rolled (boyfriend will come in handy lol) lower it to get the stance that i want (L O W) full respray (same colour) engine bay smoothed polish engine parts get interior re trimmed, might stick with factory (make it look new) or have it restitched a different colour, not quite decided yet!! Hope you guys like and let me know what you think :thumbleft:
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