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  2. Turns out the problem I was having was because my timing was a couple of notches off on the intermediate shaft that runs the distributor. Doh! Carefull when messing with timing.
  3. And the cause was: The timing was 1 or 2 teeth off on the intermediate shaft for the distributor. Doh!
  4. I checked, my timing belt isn't overtightened. It does the 90 degree twist perfect on the longest stretch. I remember checking it this way when I installed it originally too. Any other guesses?
  5. But would that explain the knocking/whizzing sound only happening under FULL throttle?
  6. I think my timing belt is too tight! I had a mechanic tell me that today, and I read a post on the forum today that a car can make the sound mine is making if you tighten the timing belt too tight!
  7. Haha! I had a mechanic tell me the same thing today, he said I probably tightened the timing belt too tight! My car is making the knocking/whizzing sound, ever since the last time I was messing with timing belt stuff. I can't find a timing belt tensioneer tool either, but I'm in the USA. I'll try the circlip plier thing.
  8. I'm gonna need an expert to hear this and help diagnose my problem. And I'm broke and the damn car was up for sale. Not good.
  9. If you set the mechanical timing so the head and the crank were timed perfectly, but the intermediate shaft for the ignition timing was one tooth off... would the car still run? I set the ignition timing with a timing light, but that was in the area on the trans that has that rubber plug I removed, didn't use it on the crank pulley mark or anything. If that was really one tooth off, did I not set correct timing?
  10. I set the ignition timing today, and the car still is making the sound it was before just the same. :( I don't know whats going on now. I don't think its a tank of low octane fuel.
  11. Boost is right. The car was pre-detonating under full (or near full) throttle. I am now going to undoo the bolt at the distributor and set the ignition timing again. Can off ignition timing cause pre detonation? The car has a 65 mm pulley, but wasn't pre detonating before.
  12. The car is making a new sound now, definitely something not right, only makes it when you go wide open throttle. Any ideas?
  13. Well I found out the problem. Turns out it wasn't the water pump. It was a bolt that had worked its way out, above the intermediate shaf--or whatever its called--pulley. I tightened it back up, and I left the water pump alone.
  14. Yeah the water pump I got was the right one. I just took the main pulley off, nobody told me the timing belt attatches to it!!! The timing wasn't lined up cause I had no idea. I'll just put the pulley straight back on, but now how do I check the timing to make sure its right before I start the car? Where are the marks located?
  15. Why the hell would the supercharger need to come off? Its not near the waterpump at all. And I knew there probably wasn't different pumps, but in autozone's computers they list two (even for the 1990 only year!)
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