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  1. Full array of images available here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5abSpRrvZnUdbFhb9 Great solid VW Corrado for sale. Had lots of love in recent months and is used as a daily. Previous to purchasing the Corrado in Jan, it had been sat on a drive getting dirty, unused and in need of some love. Since my ownership it has had lots of new parts like: New water pump Selection of new hoses New thermostat Oil and coolant change Oil filter Rocker gasket Oil pressure switch Dizzy o-ring New battery Lots of bits removed, cleaned back and repainted like the manifold, fan surround and rocker cover. New suspension and top mounts New bottom arm on the OSF Power steering belt Steering rack parts such as boot and track rods Tracking --------------------------------------------------------------------- Make: VW Model: Corrado 16V Engine: 2L 16V 9A Year: 1994 Mileage: 114k MOT: July 2020 Current owner: Myself V5 present: Yes Service history: Partial Cambelt change: Unsure Location: Hayle, Cornwall Price: £3000 ono Contact Details: 07898 718 033 Modifications: Aftermarket exhaust from Cat back. Not loud Aftermarket BBS Style 16 Inch Alloy Wheel Aftermarket Coilover suspension, Not low Body: Good straight body with paint that cleans up very well. Tiny ding in front arch near the bumper join but otherwise in great condition. Sills strong and straight. I do have the splitter for the car. It's a 90mm version which I purchased as it didn't come with one. Just haven't had time to fit it. Interior: The interior is clean all there and complete. It has no nasty holes in the parcel shelf or anything like that. The seats are in great condition for the age with minimal wear to the bolsters. Running gear: The car starts and stops as it should. There is no hesitation when starting first thing and sits happily in traffic each day. I do 20 miles a day and traffic is a daily occurrence. Electrics: All electrics work except from the sunroof. I have a spare motor but it doesn't bother me so I haven't considered fixing it. The spoiler works when driving and on the switch. MFA and electric mirrors all work. Bad bits: Due to the previous poor tracking it needs a new tyre on the front left. The sunroof motor needs replacing. Other than those two bits the car is great. Its driven everyday and has had a lot spent on it in recent months. Any question please do not hesitate to ask.
  2. Hi guys, Been a while since I have been on here. After a bit of normal life I am now looking for a Corrado, mainly 1.8 16v I am putting my car up for sale or would be interested in a PX. The details of the car are: Make: Audi Model: A4 B6 Avant Year: 2002 Engine Size: 1.9 tdI Fuel: Diesel Mileage: 150k (will rise as I'm up and down the country most weeks) MOT: 30th Jan 2019 Tax: N/A V5 Present: Yes Current Owner: Me Contact: Here or 07 four five six 500887 Price: £2500 Body: The body is straight and in great condition. The front arches are a weak point on these and this continues the trend. The return lip is a bit messy and I may have made them worse when fitting the wheels as the front tyres were much wider. That is the worst bit about the body. The rest is clean and strong. It could do with a clay, cut and polish which would make it shine. As I'm doing a lot of miles at the moment I am mainly keeping the interior nice and tidy. Of course before a sale I would clean it but still could do with a proper clean. Interior: The interior benefits by having lovely leathers with strong supportive bolsters and still limited wear for the usage. The car has aircon which blows very cold or hot when needed. The switches, steering wheel etc are all in great condition and show little wear. The carpet is clean but the drivers side does have a small wear hole from the years of peoples heels resting. Overall, it's a clean and tidy interior. Engine: I am currently in the process of moving to Cornwall and this car has helped take me to and from Coventry almost every week for the last 3 months. That is 275 miles each way and this car has done it without a single hiccup. The cambelt and water pump were changed at 133k (I have the receipt) meaning the new owner does not have to worry about that. It had an oil and filter change just before I started all this driving so I would advise to do another before winter. Running gear: The car had new brake discs and pads all round for the MOT in January. So these have a lot of life. I upgraded the suspension to AP coilovers in October last year at a cost of £500. These are at a great height allowing normal driving, ability to carry stuff etc. I have used the car to take rubbish to the skip and there was no rubbing, nasty noises etc. Along with the coilovers I bought some Mercedes CLS wheels. These are 9.5" rears and 8.5" fronts. The rears have 265 tyres and the fronts are 245 (or 235). The tyres all round are a few months old so have plenty of tread. With the suspension and wheels the car handles much better, with better stability, cornering etc. It hasn't been dropped on it arse but put to a usable daily height whilst making it look so much better. Right, I think that is the majority. I feel I have covered the car as honest as possible. I am using this car every day and doing a decent amount of miles at the moment. In a few weeks I will have officially moved to Cornwall and I want to get back into something old to enjoy the country roads to and from work. If Px ing I would prefer a lightly modified car. The car must be running, reliable and in good condition. I don't mind doing some bits but overall I want a car that I can sort whilst using it. I am between Coventry and Cornwall at the moment so if you wish to view the Audi this can be done in the CV6 area of Coventry or the Hayle area of Cornwall. If the offer is a PX then I dont wish to travel too far but we can have that discussion if anyone is interested. Any questions please fire over. Please note - I will be sorting more pics out this weekend once I am back in Coventry and will update the post. Apologies for the lack of right now.
  3. It does sound top when investigating and on the belt side so not the chain/guides. It is a difficult one as i was going to sell it soon and its hard to explain to someone "oh that noise is normal", when i know it can be expected with a VR. I don't want to go that far into it but I'd like to improve the noise if possible by an oil grade change. However it seems like its one of those noises which are there and difficult to get rid of.
  4. Quick thought on this guys. The car quietens down after a bit of a run. Its noisy on start could running 5w40 help this with the thinner cold rating. Or would you guys say no lower than 10 for a VR? I have heard some threads stating 5w-30 however that is better for cold conditions.
  5. I thought the higher the number the thicker the oil. Therefore running the higher 10w 60 is thicker for those high mileage tolerances.
  6. It does seem a common occurrence, its just i have had numerous quieter VR's and I hate the noise on start up. I am very tempted to try a different weight oil soon to see if there is improvement. I need to change and remove the marvel mystery stuff shortly anyway. Unsure which way to go with oil weight.
  7. After a run I find the engine is much quieter and smoother. Its the clatter on start and interestingly its not every morning. I'd say it could still be quieter on a run as a slight noise is still present, sometimes it completely goes.
  8. Yeah its the cold start which is annoying me. Its like the oil is either too thick on start up to lubricate the lifters or too thin to keep them lubricated when the engine is off. Not sure which way to go with the next oil change to combat it. Don't want to have to try both methods either.
  9. Hi guys, The car was sat for a while, on start and run at first it was quiet now i have the typical lifter noise which is mainly noticeable on cold start and below 2k RPM. The noise was worse before until i did fresh oil change with the addition of some marvel mystery. I am currently running 10w-40 shell helix. I know the best option is the change the lifters, but I don't have the time at the min to go through that. What would be an oil suggestion, iv heard of people using thicker oil which helped on cold start. Any input from you guys is appreciated.
  10. Hi All, I am after an early grey driver or passenger seat. mainly after the bolsters so the center pattern is of big concern. As i am after the bolsters I therefore need these to be good. As close to Coventry as possible Thanks, Liam
  11. Price drop to £2500 due to short MOT. Will need a new windscreen and exhaust blow sorting for it. Only advisory on the last one was washer jets
  12. Right guys and girls I have fully updated this thread with new details etc. Not the right time of year to sell but I am open to serious offers from those who show true intent and actually view the car.
  13. Up, Offers! Im starting to get tempted and rip it apart to put into my scirocco. Be a shame to do so and have room in the price.
  14. Also I have a standard interior minus rear door cards which can be out in instead of the buckets.
  15. open to offers, found a car I want so need to sell this ASAP
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