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  1. We've tried uploading photos no luck can u send me ur email or fone no.? Cheers paul
  2. Hi again mate. Just checked the valve again no flap. Just two hose apertures and throttle position harness connector!! I've taken off the idle air control valve? It's item no18 page 24-380-1 in Bentleys book? am I soaking wrong part? Cheers paul
  3. have taken the part off Can't see any opening! There's 2 ways o looking into it via the hose apertures which aperture do I look into and move with screwdriver? Cheers paul
  4. Is it the idle air control valve your talking about? Found that in my Bentley book! Can I soak in something else like petrol? Cheers paul
  5. Cheers pal Will have a go at that. As for a photo I've only got a kindle and 1980s phone. Dark ages I know. Can get my daughter to take a pic. And e mail? Cheers paul
  6. How do I locate and shut this valve? Cheers paul
  7. I wouldn't have a clue about the alarm. Who is the best to call? Auto electrician? Any pointers will be gratefully. Cheers paul
  8. Hi Cheers for quick response, think that as it initially started it has a spark. Not a lot of fuel in it shall I put a fresh gallon in? Also when I actually reconnect battery there is a noise under the bonnet is this the fuel pump? I can't do a second turn because if I stop turning it over and try again alarm/immobilized kicks in? Cheers Paul.
  9. Hi all, my 95 storm was fine when I garaged it 6 myths ago I've charged battery which is fine, placed key in ignition turned over and started strait away, stalled after 20secs now will just keep turning over and not fire. All help much appreciated as I need to get it moted ready for sale. Cheers paul
  10. Cheers all for the assistance. Would have started Lee's way if battery had enough power. Will charge again and put key in first. cheers pal.
  11. Hi Lee my battery on my 'vr was dead. charged it up now the alarm goes off soon as I open door. And obviously want start with alarm going. Any ideas? Cheers paul
  12. I have a green one which I drive around!!! How many left on the road I wonder??
  13. my mates green storm is on autotrader for sale hes only had it a month basically cant afford it. its based in baglan near Swansea south wales its bloody gorgeous I would give it a 9/10 cheers paul
  14. VR6 | green storm | port talbot south wales Price: £3400ovno Description: hi all this is my 3rd attempt to advertise car!!!! its a 1995 green storm all original with full vwsh 96k. iam the 2nd owner I bought it off a local very elderly solicitor all ive done since ownership is refurb the wheels change coolant and temp switches,quick shift from the forum and put in a cd player and had my local vw specialist service it. 1 problem with car is intermittent abs . I use the car everyday. please reply your interest on here cheers paul
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