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  1. Jochen744

    Wanted corrado

    Hi, I may be selling a Corrado, it is a 80% complete car, requires full respray and a engine. But is a rolling shell with leather interior. It’s a 1992 J plate, as far as I can see, no corrosion on structure. I will be making my mind up over next couple of weeks if your interested? I will put it on car for sale section. Regards, Jochen.
  2. VW Corrado 16v 1995 VW Corrado 2.0 16v Outstanding condition for age 126,000 Miles Full service history (Dealer & VW Specialist) Flash red ABS (working correctly) Tilt/Slide sunroof (working correctly) Rear spoiler (working correctly) Interior is in excellent condition, no seat wear/holes Recent full service inc cam belt etc MOT expires October 2015 Folder full of History,receipts of work, old MOTS, original PDI sheet Original service book/handbook pack Original Alloy wheels Genuine VW exhaust system - only a few months old Recent Genuine VW front brake pads and discs. One of the very last Corrado's being a 1995 car. Very reluctant sale and Genuine reason for sale. List Date: 10/4/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: VW Corrado 16v -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available. -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: VW Corrado 16v Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  3. Fixed my ABS finally :dance:New left front sensor and a second hand servo position sensor... Happy days
  4. Hi, Sounds good too me, will PM, Thanks.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply... Its for a 95 16v (9a) but according to ETKA they are the same for all models, they also fit them to some VR6 golfs, but the part numbers are the same. How much would you want for one? if your willing to part with one that is... Thanks..Jochen.
  6. Hi, I need a brake servo position sender, VW designation - G100, part number 357 927 810. it fits into the servo just under the master cylinder, if any one has one for sale? Many thanks, Jochen.
  7. Hi, Have you still got the brake servo with the position sender in it? not sure if all models had the sender? if so how much posted? thanks..
  8. Hi, Im after the brake servo position sender if you still got it? I will take the whole servo if needed? if you could give me a cost.
  9. Hi, The throttle switch is a separate part, it has 3 wires going to it just under the inlet pipe on the throttle housing. I just brought a complete throttle housing and swapped it over. Hope you get it sorted! regards, Jochen.
  10. Hi, My 9a 16v suffered from stalling when I first brought it, it turned out to be the idle switch on the throttle body was not working, changed it and it has been fine ever since (probably just jinxed it now!)
  11. Hi, My 9A Corrado does not have a vacuum pipe up to the ECU either? maybe its not a UK fitted part and only for some markets? As for MPG, mine is averaging 25-26 max at the moment, but has always dropped during colder months, in the summer it normally rises to 34-36 ish average.
  12. Hi Rob, This sounds like a possible coil issue or power relay fault or even fuel pump relay problem? The coil has no diag via vag-com tho! Not sure, but there may be a ECU power relay, these suffer from dry joints as do the fuel pump relays. All these sort of faults cause sporadic symptoms like your having. Regards, Jochen.
  13. I will be driving my Corrado up to the in-laws on Christmas day
  14. Hi, I had a similar issue with a old mk2 Golf, turned out to be a seal by the fuel filler neck, where the locking pin for central locking is. I would check fuel tank filler cap seal and around that area. When the window is open it somehow causes a vacuum which draws the fuel fumes into the car. Either that or you have a leak on the charcoal filter or vent pipes if your model has the system fitted?
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