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  1. I was shocked tbh i bit good luck my way. Also thanks for all your advice guys.
  2. Yes Cressa i agree they look good on the Corrado. Update...Been out in the garage today just to put my mind at rest regarding the profile of the wheels i bought back in November. The original advert said 205x40x16 bear in mind i didn't know that the profile should be 45 for best performance when i was buying them. Just looked at the tyres and woa and behold 205x45x16....winner! :dance: Looking forward to fitting them in the spring. :cheers:
  3. Cheers correction on wheel size my typo (amended now). Thanks for the info Keyo, Looks like i'm in for a harsh ride then. :bonk:
  4. Acquired a set of very nice BBS RS771's tyres fitted are 205x40x16. (Not fitted to my car yet) I have been doing some digging of past posts on these wheels fitted to a VR6 Corrado. Question is, would it be better or not to run with hub centric spacers? or will the wheels look ok without as a lot of posts have suggested (but getting conflicting opinions).
  5. Just a thought guys, would this fit on the Corrado VR6? My son bought one for his MK2 project fitted with a mk3 VR6 fuel tank. It works perfect with his 3.2 VR6 conversion so cant see why not? Cheers https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fuel-Pump-Sender-Unit-3-4-Bar-Spare-VW-Golf-MK3-Cabriolet-Vento-PWM-775047A/302267788691?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  6. My steering wheel and gear knob are both in poor nick and both either need replacing or recovering in leather. Anyone suggest any fixes or people / firms they have used in the past. Or a alternative for both, off another VW.
  7. Ray1965

    Wheel stud caps

    I'm after set of wheel stud caps for my BBS-RS77. Studs are standard Corrado ones 17mm i believe. Anyone know of a supplier or bought from ebay etc? I found these dont know if they will be any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20X-Wheel-Bolt-Nut-Caps-Covers-For-Volkswagen-VW-Golf-Bora-Passat-Jetta-17mm/254043917920?epid=8011099278&hash=item3b26328e60:g:BwMAAOSwbwJaLfWf
  8. Cheers guys my door handles are terrible and the passenger door trim is well shall we say not very good it turns a off grey/ white. i'm swaying towards Forever black. :scratch: Keep the advise coming cheers again. :thumbleft:
  9. I'm after some info on these two products "Forever Black dye bumper and trim restorer" and Wurth plastic dye to restore my door side trims as they are really faded and every back to black products i use only last five minutes. Anyone used any of these two, or could tell me which one would be best?
  10. Up date found the problem. Vag com would never have picked it up. The air filter has got wet somehow (two clips are missing off the air box could be this) thus the filter had collapsed and the middle section, and was being slowly in-jested down the intake pipe blocking the air off, no wonder had no power at high revs. Gotta love a quick fix :cheers: Thanks for your input Keyo :thumbleft:
  11. Got a problem with my VR6. Had a bad miss fire above 3.5k revs from starting up this morning, the car has not been driven for a week, the miss fire then seemed to clear as i drove it longer, hmm just damp i thought no... Now the engine will rev as normal in neutral but will not rev over 4k revs when driven no guts at all. Note: No miss fire, it's like limp mode. New plugs and leads were all replaced recently never had any bother. I will be scanning the engine later today to see if vag com can pick up any faults, but what are your thoughts if any?
  12. Update on the car. After contemplating taking the cylinder head off the car, and not liking all the labour time and cost of new parts that come with that, i went for the somewhat risky option of doing the repair with head still on the car. I found a local engine company to me called REM (Rotherham Engine Supplies Ltd) and they agreed to take the job on. Also they kindly came to my house and did the repair here so had no towing transportation costs, a massive bonus tbh. They fitted a Time- Sert and not a heli-coil. Total for the repair was £90. Also got the car through the MOT as well with minimal advisories well chuffed now. Big thanks to Craig at REM.
  13. Changed the spark plugs today got to number 5 and the threads stripped taking the plug OUT. Also Looks like someone else's bodge, i reckon. Well fed up. Does the cylinder head have to come off to Heli-coil repair it, or can this be be done without removing the cylinder head? Seen it on line but very skeptical.
  14. Can i get some advise on this im sure it will be ok. https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Volkswagen_Corrado_2.9_1995/p/car-parts/transmission-parts/car-transmission/wheel-bearing-and-wheel-hub/?628440651&1&7360aa29818d623d973e79d3123b05b0fb1081ec&000370
  15. Cheers Cressa. Thanks to everyone for your comments.
  16. Looks like I have a leak on my Aux water pump. been in contact with VW as i also have a leak on the thermo housing, so got quote on them both. £60 for housing with all the o rings etc and £162 for new pump. Question is can I delete it from the car and how? and run ok without it? Does anyone know of a cheaper replacement pump that they have used?
  17. Ray1965

    Advise needed.

    Cheers guys for the advice in the process of getting quotes so far it's cheaper to go with what you said. TPS are wanting £105 for an oil cooler. Came to £305 altogether that's all the parts I need and seals. These are oem parts so will be a tad more coinage.
  18. I'm going to change the thermostat housing, crack pipe, oil cooler on my VR6 don't whether to go genuine parts or to use this site? anyone used it and if so is it any good? http://www.veedubmachine.co.uk/volkswagen/corrado/1989-1995/corrado-cooling/thermostat-housing-vr6-91-03-golf-mk3-passat-t4-sharan-corrado.html Or TPS? Any help on this would be great.
  19. Was driving south on the M1 Sheffield stretch. Saw a guy in his SUV white shirt and tie taking photos of my car from the middle lane, I was in the slow lane pondering why he was doing this, then he gave me the thumb up and said lovely car. Had the same as well two days later lady at the back of me at traffic lights in Killamarsh took a pic and I lip-read her saying to her son that's a VR6 Corrado very nice. Chuffed I was.
  20. Thanks for your input guys. Might be right looks good on Red, Hmm not sure what about light Anthracite?
  21. I'm just wondering what the standard 15 inch Speedline would look like on my Black Corrado with the said wheels painted in Gold or a light Anthracite color? It is lowered so don't have the 4x4 look. Thoughts, please? or have a gone insane with such a suggestion :bonk::scratch:
  22. Spot on how much do you want for them matey?
  23. Hi Matey, according to MOT advisory: Quote: Rear and central exhaust rubbers perished. Is what you have in the photos what I want. I'm not clued up o the arrangement of the rubbers.
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