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  1. VR6 Gar, my Corrado is a vr6 with bilstein suspension and I also own a standard Type R FN2. Being honest the Civic seems lightyears ahead of the Corrado in nearly every aspect, its handling is incredibly precise and it really is fantastic (The suspension is a bit hard though!). As much as I love my Corrado the Civic is by far the better car.. even when it comes to twisty country roads :thumbleft:
  2. Oh right okay, thanks. Yeah I would have sold them on but as I was cleaning them up today to take a picture for you I found an area which is chafed on lead 3. It isn't even halfway through but the car it came off of was running fine. The damage is only a small area where the lead goes into the spark plug hole so it isn't visible when they are connected. All other leads are in great condition and the visible part of the damaged one looks good too. I can take a picture of them and a close up of the chafed one if you are still interested?
  3. Managed to get a hold of a set of genuine Golf mk3 anniversary VR6 HT leads which had done very little mileage as a spare set thinking the red would look good but I don't like the look of them that much as it doesn't really go with the cars colour. Just wondering If the red leads are any better than the standard Corrado ones? Thanks :thumbleft: Also what mileage do the original leads tend to stop working at?
  4. Maybe not to everyone's taste, but there isn't another one like it! :thumbleft:
  5. Ah right ok, I wont give the thermal resistor a go as the wiring/control contacts/ the switch itself being knackered, seem to be better reasons for it not to be working then even if it may be more difficult! I'll take the controls about and have a look about. Thank you all :D
  6. That's great, i'll give it a go, thank you.
  7. Hello all, right here's the problem, the heater in my Corrado only works on settings 3,4 and also in between 1&2 but it shuts off when clicked on to the setting of 1 or 2. I did the heater matrix a while ago as I bought it and the seller never told me about it being knackered so I just did it soon after buying it, but I do remember that the heater did not work on either setting when I drove it up so it wasn't to do with the controls I don't think as I ensured they were all properly connected when the dashboard was out. Its never really bothered me though as its never nice enough weather to drive it (only did 800 miles from April last year up until now :/) and when it is nice weather you don't need the heater as its not cold enough for it. But I'm just wondering if it can be fixed without me having to remove the dash again. I've had a look through the site and can't seem to find anyone with the same problem, there's the heater not working on the 4th setting problem but I haven't saw this one appear yet. It is a late style dash with the rotating controls. Can anyone give me any advice on the problem? Thanks.
  8. Yeah the HC's are in PPM I just got mixed up between the hydrocarbon value and the carbon monoxide as it failed on both... Thanks for the advice, I got them to do a standard test and they gave me the print out, some of the results are: ------------------ Specification---Measured value -Fast Idle CO (%) 0.00-0.30----3.89 -Fast Idle HC(PPM) 0-200--------384 -Lambda Reading 0.970-1.030---0.907 -Natural Idle CO 0.00-0.50------4.35 Basically it failed on everything... :scratch:
  9. Yeah I'll make sure it is! as I don't think it is properly mounted and you have got me worried! Thanks for the tip!
  10. That would be great thanks! do you want me to send you a postal order or how do you want to be paid?
  11. Thanks for all the replies, its a K&N cone filter so I'll check to see if any pipes have been left unconnected. The idle is good and steady and the fuel consumption is average, not sure about the blue temperature sensor but it does tend to run cool then heat up very quick in traffic so I was wondering if a sensor could be faulty. Also I had a look at the GSF one, seems to be good value will try and see if I can get a hold of a genuine one first :) Critical_Mass would you be interested in selling the lambda probe? If so how much would you want for it?
  12. Nope the engines internals are completely unchanged, stock engine other than the exhaust and air filter, the oil and filter were changed only a coupe hundred miles or so ago, I will try and get the ECU scanned this weekend to see if it has picked up and fault codes, Yeah I think the lambda seems to be the best bet for now! :) I'll have a look at the ad's on here for a lambda probe as soon as possible. I'll post back when I get it re-MOT'D and say what I managed to get it reduced to, or if any other problems arise. Thanks very much for the help! :D
  13. I got the probe for £23.50 and yeah it was from ebay :D Where would you recommend I get one from for the VR6?
  14. I had a new lambda probe fitted when the Cat was fitted last week :( The place where I bought the lambda has now changed the listing saying that the probe is for 2.0l vw/seat engines and below... Would that make a bit of a difference?
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